Tot School Planning

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Tot School
~Koko is 35 months old~

I am in the process of reorganising our Tot School. I have found that Koko isn’t being stimulated enough and, with the help from my friend who owns Edukits, I am busy setting up a new schedule for him which Fifi can also participate in.

I am also in the process of tweaking our totboxes. I have come to realise that Koko is ready for more intensive work and have done away with our 1 box per day. He will now have 5 boxes to complete during our totschool time in the mornings. This works out very well, as that is the time Noo works independently.
Totschool Planning

Structured Free Play, this is something I had never thought of before. Koko can keep himself busy, provided that there is something he is interested in. I plan on setting up his morning structured play activities while the children are eating eating breakfast and having their free play session before Noo starts lessons at 9.
Structured Free Play planning

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