What’s in the Workbox Wednesday #2 ~ Pixie’s Tot Trays

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~Pixie is 32 months old~

Pixie’s trays are all stored on a portable shoe rack. It works like a charm and is light enough to move out of the way when she is done (and to keep her out of the messy trays, LOL).

Pixie currently has 8 trays
Her trays get changed weekly with new activities on most of the trays every week.
 photo IMG_7876_zps5770d01b.jpg

Tray 1 – Yellow
9 Piece farm puzzle
 photo IMG_7865_zpsc34d2b83.jpg

Tray 2 – Yellow
Whose baby? Puzzle
 photo IMG_7866_zps2e29c25e.jpg

Tray 3 – Pink
Butterfly colour matching (This particular item is no longer available).
 photo IMG_7875_zps7dc56eee.jpg

Tray 4 – Pink
Farm animal tray with the Moo! book and Babies on the farm poster
 photo IMG_7867_zps1bbd4a24.jpg

Tray 5 – Pink
Kebab sticks in a bottle. Pixie got this Treasure box for her 2nd birthday and its the perfect storage box for the sticks.
 photo IMG_7870_zpsb7267393.jpg photo IMG_7871_zps814102e4.jpg

Tray 6 – Blue
Pasta sensory box with dinosaur stickers. I include a page every day. She loves dinosaurs, so this is one of her favourite trays.
 photo IMG_7872_zps5e1ff3b9.jpg

Tray 7 – Blue
Barn/Farm house shapes
 photo IMG_7873_zps3dbb75b9.jpg

Tray 8 – Blue
Pompom fine motor activity
 photo IMG_7874_zpse65affd8.jpg



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