Freebie Friday ~ Paw Patrol printables

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Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol printables

Paw Patrol Birthday Party from Boy Mama Teacher Mama
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol

FREE Paw Patrol Find the Badge Printable Game from Boy Mama Teacher Mama
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol To The Rescue! from Life as a Moore
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
I absolutely love that there are so many options and so much for free online. Samuel was totally into the super fun video that I found about the letter A. He especially loved it when I started dancing and singing along, ha. If you have a preschooler interested in watching it, click here. He wasn’t as much into the generic worksheet, which got me thinking…He’s slightly obsessed with Paw Patrol at the moment and what’s more fun than learning with your favorite characters?! So I made him a few worksheets catered to that. I think I’m probably going to make several more as we continue through each letter/number. One of the major perks of teaching at home is that you can cater to your child however you wish. At this age, I want it to be as fun as possible!

Paw Patrol from NickJr
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
Official Paw Patrol site

Paw Patrol Masks and Ears to Print for Free from Oh My Fiesta
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
These masks and ears can serve you to give the guests at a party Paw Patrol, either ready to use them , so that they themselves cut and arm themselves or to give them as part of party favors = surprises = souvenires = confectioners . Also just to entertain your children an evening with fun costumes !

Paw Patrol or Paw Patrol: Funny Mini Rocky Kit for Free Printable from Oh My Fiesta
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
A fun Paw Patrol or Paw Patrol Mini Kit for the day your parties of your favorite character Rocky.

Paw Patrol or Paw Patrol: Fun Skye Mini Kit to Print Free from Oh My Fiesta
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
A fun Paw Patrol or Paw Patrol Kit for the day your parties of your favorite character Skye.

Paw Patrol Free Printable Kit from Oh My Fiesta
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
Here a funny Free Printable Kit of Paw Patrol!

FREE Printable Paw Patrol Thank You Card from HaleGrafx
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
Show appreciation to your Paw Patrol party goers with this easy to use freebie. Here is a Free Printable Paw Patrol themed thank you card. This thank you card is themed with the Paw Patrol Badge, some of the Paw Patrol crew and simply says “Thank you”.

Free Paw Patrol Winter Coloring Pack and DIY Party Printables for Dog Loving Kids from Woof Woof Mama
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
Are you and your family getting cabin fever from being stuck indoors this winter? Head on over to Nick Jr. and take advantage of all the FREE printables, coloring packs, and other goodies available for you to download, print and share with your kiddos or grandkids.

My favorite is Paw Patrol, an animated TV show starring a pack of celebrity puppies: Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, and Skye, who are led by a tech-savvy 10-year-old boy named Ryder.

Paw Patrol Colouring Pages and Activity Sheets from In the Playroom
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
Paw Patrol is so popular these days. If your kids are loving this show, then why not print out some of these colouring pages and activity sheets to keep them busy on a rainy day this summer, or to offer some value down time. I have a set of four printables to share with you today, including colouring and spot the difference sheets.

Potty Training Charts from Reward Charts 4 Kids
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
Paw Patrol

Kit: Patrulha Canina (Menino) from Passatempo da Ana
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
Paw Patrol Kit

Paw Patrol Worksheets from OSEE’s Home Schooled Education on Teachers Pay Teachers
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
This Paw Patrol Activity Packet will help keep your little one engaged and ready to learn: Scissor Skills, Hand Writing Skills, Alphabet, Counting, Memory Exercise, and much more.

Paw Patrol Token Board from Affable Austism on Teachers Pay Teachers
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
Paw Patrol themes token board and tokens for use in Applied Behavioral Analysis techniques as well as classroom behavior management.

Paw patrol dress up chase game from Yanomie Pawject on Teachers Pay Teachers
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
This is a FREE paw patrol game
Your kid will love dressing up his favorite character from the paw patrol tv show
Dress up chase in 6 costumes
Print, color and laminate and your ready to play !
My 2 and a half years daugther loves it !
match the right pieces of cloth together or use your imagination and build a one of a kind Chase !
Everything was made by hand with love 🙂

Paw Patrol Math – Basic Addition to 10 From the Desk of Miss Davis on Teachers Pay Teachers
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
Let Ryder, Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, and Skye help your littles practice addition!

Slideshow features the theme song on the first slide to really hook those learners. Following the theme song is 15 different addition problems featuring Paw Patrol characters. Count the characters on the slides to get an extra opportunity to practice 1:1 correspondence and cardinality. Bubbles on the slides allow you to fill in the numbers in the number sentence.

Great for Kindergarten or 1st, 2nd grade interventions!

Paw patrol : number 1-5 and colors from Yanomie Pawject on Teachers Pay Teachers
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
This is a game made for 6 years and down. it was made with stickers from a book.

Paw Patrol flash cards from Charity’s Corner on Teachers Pay Teachers
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
Paw Patrol Dolch Pre-Primer sight word flash cards. Editable so new words can be added,

Paw Patrol Sight Word Cards (Fry’s Word List 1-100) from Sarah Bremer on Teachers Pay Teachers
Freebie Friday - Paw Patrol
Fry’s Word List 1-100.




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Freebie Friday ~ PJ Masks

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Freebie Friday - PJ Masks

PJ Masks from Scholastic
Freebie Friday - PJ Masks
Welcome the new school year with a program that empowers your students to grow and develop social and emotional skills with the characters from the hit preschool show PJ Masks! Packed with weekly lessons and activities, these downloadable teacher and family materials help children practice important developmental skills in interactive and collaborative ways.

Students will:
Practice 10 social-emotional “superpowers” that will help them learn and grow, including:
Be encouraged to work in pairs or teams to foster teamwork and friendship
Have fun with coloring and arts and crafts while practicing memory techniques

PJ Masks activity sheets from Essential Kids
Freebie Friday - PJ Masks
PJ Masks – Owlette Mask
PJ Masks – Owlette Wings
PJ Masks – Catboy Mask
PJ Masks – Catboy Ears
PJ Masks – Gekko Mask
PJ Masks – Gekko Tail
PJ Masks – Wordsearch
PJ Masks – Colouring – I want cake
PJ Masks – Colouring page – Team at the ready

FREE Printable PJ Masks Alphabet Banner Pack from HaleGrafx
Freebie Friday - PJ Masks
Check out this FREE printable PJ Masks alphabet banner pack for a PJ Masks for your moonlight heroes party theme. This free printable includes all letters in the alphabet to make your own custom banner! You could make your own Birthday banner, fun phrase or use it for a holiday! The spacer sheets include PJ Masks heroes Catboy, Owlette & Gekko. Each letter has the 3 moonlight heroes on them as well.

PJ Masks activity sheets from Kids on the Coast
Freebie Friday - PJ Masks
Calling all PJ Masks Fans! Follow in the footsteps of Connor, Amaya and Greg as they transform into their superhero alter egos, Catboy, Owlette and Gekko with these fun colouring and activity sheets!

PJ Masks Puzzles from PreK Autism
Freebie Friday - PJ Masks

PJ Masks Cut & Match from PreK Autism
Freebie Friday - PJ Masks

PJ Masks Training Certificate and Straw Tags from Mandy’s Party Printables
Freebie Friday - PJ Masks
There are loads of PJ Masks birthday party printables, but some of them are a little on the pricey side. What if you could get free training certificates, and free straw tags to make the party goers super happy? Yes, please!

Free DIY PJ Mask Centerpieces Printables from Ellie Rose Party Designs

Free DIY PJ Mask party decorations printables. Awesome idea for your kids party table.

I have included Owlette, Gekko and Cat Boy to the list.

PJ Masks Birthday Party Ideas And Free Printables from The Suburban Mom
Freebie Friday - PJ Masks
We celebrated my daughter’s 5th birthday with a PJ Masks birthday party. If you have a little one who is a fan of the show on Disney Junior, then you know PJ Masks birthday stuff is hard impossible to come by, which means the entire party was handmade. With a lot of love and patience, I created PJ Masks birthday party ideas that my little Owlette adored.




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Sponsored: Educational Toy Online Store

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Educational Toy Online Store

Educational Toy Online Store

Finding a decent educational toys online store can sometimes prove tricky. There are so many different options and finding one that actually delivers can be a nightmare.

I stumbled across DH Gate a few years ago when we started homeschooling and have ordered from them on a few occasions with no hassles and received good service from them.

I am a firm believer that education should be taught using practical and sensory methods. In my opinion, it helps to cement the new concept. I have noticed the kidlets use their hands to mimic the work we have done on certain topics, like times tables. I have always used manipulatives and sensory activities in our lessons and the kidlets have always found that by using these manipulatives or sensory methods has helped my kidlets quite a bit.

Here are some of my favourite finds for Mathematics, Science and Language Arts.


Wooden Counting Sticks
Educational Toys Online Store

Geometry Blocks Set
Educational Toys Online Store

1-100 Digit Square
Educational Toys Online Store

Wooden Balance Scale
Educational Toys Online Store


Life Cycle of Corn Specimen, Resin Embedded
Educational Toys Online Store

Insects Magnification Cup Amplifier Tank
Educational Toys Online Store

Twin Live Steam Engine Model Kit
Educational Toys Online Store

Language Arts

100Pcs Set Wooden Scrabble Tiles
Educational Toys Online Store

Alphabet Wooden Puzzle
Educational Toys Online Store

Literacy Fun Game
Educational Toys Online Store

Digital Alphabet Letters A~Z Alphabetical & 0~9 Numerical Soft EVA Foam Mats
Educational Toys Online Store

Hearts for Home Blog Hop #119 ~ Home Preschool

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The Hearts for Home Blog Hop is a weekly blog hop that begins every Thursday morning. The theme of this blog hop is showing that our hearts are for our homes. Post topics include: homeschooling, marriage, parenting, homemaking, faith, budgeting, crafts, DIY projects and more! We would love to see you link up your posts. We feature the most popular post and a few of our favorites every week! Will you be one of the next Featured Bloggers?

Not a blogger? That’s okay! This blog hop will be your one stop location to finding ideas and inspiration for fulfilling your role as a wife, mother and follower of Christ. We are so glad you have stopped by!

Meet my cohosts here!

Featured blogger with the most clicks last week ~ Homeschooling Multiple Ages? Simplicity Is the Key to Success (There’s No Place Like Home)
Home Preschool

11 Pattern Blocks Preschool Trays! (Advrentures in Tot School & Preschool)
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How to Home Preschool (Sicily’s Heart and Home)
Home Preschool

End of the School Year Activities (PreK Pages)
Home Preschool

Preschool Letter Worksheets Z (Learning2Walk)
Home Preschool

3 Fun Ways to Teach Preschool Math (Learning2Walk)
Home Preschool

Preschool Curriculum Options for Homeschoolers (Homeschool Preschool)
Home Preschool

Summer Learning Activities for Your Preschooler (Homeschool Preschool)
Home Preschool

5 Reasons to Read to Your Preschooler Every Day (Homeschool Preschool)
Home Preschool





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Montessori Madness ~ Owl School

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Pixie LOVES owls, just like her Momma. This month, we have been working on Owl themed Preschool printables I have found online.

Pixie has loved the variety of goodies I have prepared for her. Her favourite, so far, being the mask. Go figure.
Owl School
Owl SchoolOwl SchoolOwl SchoolOwl SchoolOwl School
The following printables have been used for this month’s work:
You’re a Whoot! with printables from Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk
Owl School
The following items are available as free downloads:
Thinking skills
Fill in with colors
Letter Recognition
Complete the patterns
Counting on owls
O is for Owl writing sheet
Circle the different item
Math skills
Prewriting practice

Owl Preschool Pack from LittleMonkeyPrintables
Owl School
Included in this download, you will find 17 activities:

memory game
shape matching
count and clip cards
coloring page
prewriting page
ten part puzzle
size sequencing
word builders
owl fact cards
finish the pattern page
owl magnet/dot page
two Bible verses
5 Little Owls poem
scissors skills
roll & graph activity
handwriting page (O,o)
circle the smallest

5 Little Owls Printable Puzzle from Growing in Pre K and K
Owl School
Printable Five Little Owls Number Sequencing Puzzle 1-5

Letter Tumble from PreKinders
Owl School
This owl letter tumble game can be used to practice matching uppercase to uppercase letters, lowercase to lowercase letters, or uppercase to lowercase letters.

OWL Numbers FREE from KidSparkz
Owl School
OWL Numbers FREE

This is a set of number cards with an owl theme, 0-10. Three cards for each number – the number, a ten-frame representation, and the number word. Use for recognition, sequence, memory games, hiding and finding games, and of course, matching.

from Making Learning Fun
Owl School
Have the children put the paper on a cookie sheet. Have the children complete the picture by putting a magnet in each circle. Some people use pompoms or bingo markers with them. This activity is designed to promote one to one correspondence and letter recognition.

Lacing Cards with Owls from Making Learning Fun
Owl School
Using a small hole punch, punch holes at the dots. Have the children lace yarn through the holes.

Owl Shape Craft from Making Learning Fun
Owl School
You can have the children glue them to dark blue construction paper as a reminder to the children that owls are nocturnal. You could also give the children construction paper scraps
and let the children add to seen. An alternative idea is to cut patterns for the owl pieces,
and have the children trace, cut and assemble.

O-owl writing sheet from Making Learning Fun
Owl School

Five Little Owls from DLTK
Owl School
by Leanne Guenther – it’s the same idea as all the other “Five Little ____” nursery rhymes (pumpkins, snowflakes, chickens, monkeys, etc) so it isn’t terribly original. They’re fairly simple to write but some of them start to be a bit repetitive (which is fine for preschoolers!) because there are only so many things that rhyme with four, three, two, one and none.

Owl Mask from First Palette
Owl School

Super cute printable owl craft (choose pink or blue) from Kids Activities Blog
Owl School
Let imagination run wild when creating owls – pull out the leftover craft supplies because owls may need feathers, pom poms or to be painted like a rainbow!

Printable Preschool Set: Owlette from Learn Create Love
Owl School
This set includes the following:

Which Owl Is Different – a 4 card set in which your child has to find and circle the owl that is different. You can use this sheet as a whole, or laminate, cut out each card, hole punch the corner, and stick a key ring through it to keep it as a card set.
How Many Owls? (3 pages) – A fun set of cards for your child to practice counting and writing numbers. I laminated, cut out, hole-punched, and stuck a key ring through our set.
Stacking Cards – Laminate and cut out, then have your child arrange in order from largest to smallest or vice versa… or, of course, stack! =)
Line Tracing – Help Owlette get to her friend by tracing the lines provided.

Owl Patterning from Rachel Lynn
Owl School
This a quick and cute patterning activity. It will require a keen eye by the kiddos since all of the pictures are owls. They will have to pay attention to details!




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Montessori Madness ~ Valentine’s Day Preschool Trays

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montessori Madness banner

Wow, its been quite some time since I’ve written of our Montessori adventures! Here is a sneak peak of Pixie’s Valentine’s Day Preschool TraysPreschool Trays this week.

I printed off two Preschool Packs from Over the Big Moon and A Teaching Mommy

I printed all the pages of both packs to keep Pixie occupied for the duration of the week, and possibly longer (totally dependent on her level of interest and how much work she wants to do at the time, of course) and popped into a file folder. I loved the cover of the Valentine’s day Pack from Over the Big Moon so much that I decided to use it on the cover of the file folder to make it easier for Pixie to identify. She will often grab a file folder with her previous themes and redo some of the activities.

Her trays today have the following printables available:

Valentine’s Day Spelling from Over the Big Moon. This particular activity requires Scrabble like tiles, we unfortunately don’t have any she can used (we have a collectors Scrabble set, so that’s a no go), so I just printed off two sets of the recommended tiles they suggested on the original file.

V is for Valentine Do-a-dot painting from Over the Big Moon. Pixie L.O.V.E.S. her dot painters and this page excited her to no end when she saw it come out of the printer.

What comes next worksheet from Over the Big Moon. I cut out the pictures for Pixie to glue onto the worksheet. I’ll be letting her cut them out from now on. Some scissor practice won’t hurt.

Letter Hh sorting from A Teaching Mommy. Here she sorts the capital from the lower case letters into the appropriate box.

In addition to the activities above, we’ll be using our new Spielgaben 4.0 set! (Post on all our Spielgaben fun coming soon!)

Follow us on Instagram to catch us in action during this week of L.O.V.E.




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