Lifebuoy vs Winter

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Lifebuoy vs winter
When I received the press drop from Lifebuoy and read their Lifebuoy vs Winter campaign, I immediately thought of my dad. Strange thing, don’t you think?

Me, Dad and Brian in the early 1990's at St Michaels-on-Sea in the KZN South Coast

Me, Dad and Brian in the early 1990’s at St Michaels-on-Sea in the KZN South Coast

When I was little, my father worked on the gold mines in the Free State Goldfields. He didn’t work underground, but due to the nature of his work (he’s an artisan), he had to take a shower before he came home and the mine provided the Lifebuoy soap bars to all their employees. It’s a brand and scent that I have always connected to my dad’s time on the mines.
Aunty Triena, Me, Brendan and Dad at my Matric Farewell (Snr Prom) in 1999. (Dad dressed to match my dress)

Aunty Triena, Me, Brendan and Dad at my Matric Farewell (Snr Prom) in 1999. (Dad dressed to match my dress)

Isn’t it amazing how one brand and scent, in this case Lifebuoy, can bring back those long forgotten memories?

Prevention is better than cure this winter

As the weather gets colder and we spend more time indoors to keep warm, it is inevitable that most of us will catch a cough, cold or flu as germs are spread more easily during this time.
lifebuoy vs winter
With the cold and flu season upon us, it is imperative to give your immune system a boost, whilst adequately protecting yourself from sources of cross-infection. According to the Centres for Disease Control, the single best way to prevent seasonal flu is to get vaccinated each year (Source), however good health habits can also help stop the spread of germs and illnesses.

Most of the common winter viruses are carried in the air and transmitted when someone sneezes and coughs or by touching infected surfaces, thus spreading the virus. Source

Lifebuoy, the world’s number one selling germ protection soap brand, has a few simple tips to help prevent the spread of infections and germs this winter:
1. Don’t get too close
2. Wash hands frequently
3. Nourish your skin
4. Stay hydrated
5. Clever coughing
6. Get enough zzzz

Just by implementing these simple measures, one can make a big difference that will help protect you, your family and those around you throughout the winter season.

To find out more about the Lifebuoy, or tips on how to implement a healthy hand wash routine, visit the Lifebuoy website and Facebook page.




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Product Test Tuesday ~ Valentines Day No Prep First Grade Math

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product test tuesday 2015
Erin from Royal Baloo has created this gorgeous Valentines Day themed No Prep First Grade Math pack just in time for Valentines Day and has given me the privilege of reviewing it.

The math pack consists of the following:
Number Bonds
10 More/10 Less
True or False
Spin the Time
Addition and Subtraction Word Problems
Heart Fact Families
Missing Addends
Roll, Add, Color
Roll, Subtract, Color
Decomposing Numbers
Heart Addition
Flower Subtraction
Heart Place Value
Measuring with Inches
Add or Subtract?
Greater Than/Less Than
Addition within 20
Subtraction within 20
Fifi absolutely L.O.V.E.S. it! With zero preparation required, just a simple click of the print button and we were rearing to go. I stapled the sheets together to keep them contained and printed a set for Koko too, to give him something different to do during his math lessons next week.
Pop on over to Erin’s Teachers Pay Teachers Store and purchase the Valentines Day No Prep First Grade Math pack!




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The Little Prince Movie Premier

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Daisypath - Personal pictureDaisypath Christmas tickers
little prince movie poster

We were invited by BURGER KING® South Africa to attend a movie premier yesterday at Ster Kinekor at The Zone in Rosebank. BURGER KING® South Africa have partnered with Toy Kingdom and Ster Kinekor for the long awaited premier of The Little Prince Movie.

The kidlets were treated to a visit from the Prince, Princess and the Frog Prince. There was also a balloon artist and face painting before the movie started.

Koko (who has decided that he’s too old for face painting *sob*), asked the balloon artist for a rifle.

She is FANTASTIC and made the girls each a Tiger, Pixie’s animal of the day (there was love at first sight), and a butterfly for Fifi.

The face painter was amazing. Fifi asked to be made into a bear. How beautiful did she turn out? Can you spot the glitter that was added? A girl can NEVER have too much glitter.

Pixie asked to be made into a tiger and giggled her way through the whole experience. The face painter was patient with her and worked around Pixie’s constant touching and smudging.

Our scary Bear and Tiger!

Once we got into the cinema, we were surprised by these little goodie bags filled with a Cap and Scholastic booklets from BURGER KING® South Africa and a “The Little Prince” kaleidoscope from Toy Kingdom.

The movie was amazing. I highly recommend it to everyone, of all ages. Pixie, who is 4, sat through the whole movie till the end. Koko and Fifi loved it and have asked for us to purchase the DVD to watch again when it becomes available. It’s a beautifully told story about a little girl who lives in a very grown-up world with her mother, who tries to make sure she is prepared for it. Her neighbour, the Aviator, introduced the girl to an extraordinary world where anything is possible, the world of The Little Prince. The movie is an adaptation of the book, “The Little Prince”, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Afterwards, BURGER KING® South Africa served a lunch of Burgers and Fries.

The kidlets and I had a fantastic time! If you do nothing else this December Holiday, take your children to go watch this amazing movie, you won’t regret it.




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Disney’s Descendants Movie Review

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Today we went to our first movie premier for Disney’s Descendants! It was fantastic. We walked down the red carpet with camera’s rolling and the kids had an absolutely fantastic day! Fifi invited one of her best friends, T, to join us.

When we arrived this morning, we noticed signs that a show would be filmed while we were there and we had to sign waivers allowing them to use footage of us! The kids were super excited to participate. We then saw that we’d be walking down a red carpet and into an entertainment area with a buffet full of yummy treats and sandwiches to fill our bellies before going into the movie theatre.

20150822 descendents

They had photographers there taking photos of the patrons and they were even allowed to dress up. Fifi, Pixie and T had tons of fun posing for the camerA.


The movie reminded me quite a bit of High School Musical. I love that each character has a back story and that they bring in their parents’ stories too. Without giving to much away, this movie is AWESOME. If you like musical shows, this one’s for you! All the kidlets loved it, even Koko!


Click on the image to read more about the main characters. This image was created by ichaelbarnes on Deviant Art.

Descendants – Coming this September!

In the magical kingdom of Auradon, Prince Ben, the son of King Beast and Queen Belle, is preparing to take the throne. His first official proclamation: the children of the Isle of the Lost, home to the most infamous villains, should be given the chance to live in Auradon. Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay travel outside the realms of the island prison for the first time in their lives. Will they follow in their parents’ evil footsteps, or will they choose to embrace their goodness and save the kingdom?


Don’t miss Descendants on 18 September 2015 at 5pm, only on Disney Channel!

print and play

Click on the above image to visit She Scribes to download these great resources!




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Product Test Tuesday~ Gymathstics Clip Count Kit

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product test tuesday 2015

I recently had the opportunity to review the Gymathstics Clip Counter Starter Kit and the kids love it!

Gymathstics Clip Counter Kit includes 200 inter-linking shapes and a Gymathstics work mat. The Gymathstics Clip Counter Kit provides endless learning opportunities for your child. Recommended from ages 3- 10 years. This is the perfect starter kit to introduce your child to whole new way of looking at mathematics. Each card has a parent guide at the back to spark your child’s creativity and stimulate logical thinking and problem solving skills.

Pixie (46 months old) has, kinda, hogged it and declared it her “school stuff.” It is great for teaching the different shapes, number formation and an awesome tool for fine motor control. Pixie spends ages playing with this set. At the moment we are focusing on number recognition and building, ie, 1 rectangle equals the number 1, etc. Our lessons are currently no longer than 10 minutes, as she gets bored and prefers to string all the shapes together in a long line.

Fifi (6.5 years old) loves building the shape of each number using the flash cards as a guide. These are great quiet time activities for her and keep her occupied. We have also used the shapes to “build” pictures. For example, a face with a smile using the ovals for eyes, rectangle for the nose and 3 hearts for the mouth. This is a great tool for creative play too!

All in all, I highly recommend this product for your children. It is both fun and educational and they learn without even realizing it!

****I found a gramatical and factual error while we were working through the cards, I have reported this to Gymathstics and have been assured that they have corrected the errors and will be sending me the new cards once they are available.


What is Gymathstics®

Gymathstics® is an educational math program designed to meet each child’s individual learning style in a fun and easy way.Children learn through 3 learning styles and there are three types of learners:
Visual Learners
Auditory Learners
Kinesthetic Learners

History of the Program

The Gymathstics® Program is a new innovative and a developing concept. The Gymathstics® program was developed by a qualified educator. The classes began as a conventional math’s tuition with four learners. Through these classes she observed that they were aware of the steps involved in mathematics but experienced difficulty with mental math’s concept.

To help these learners she began using brain stimulating exercises to help them make connection between movements and remembering their mental mathematics. Within a week she saw an immediate improvement and within a month she saw an unbelievable improvement. This amazing achievement sparked an ambition in her to want to share this amazing process with every child. This is what led her to developing the Gymathstics® program.

She then designed the unique Clip Counter Kit and began with what she calls interval learning which is similar to interval training. Where we do physical movements to learn and then higher level activities with the clip counter kit. Research has found that learners learn best when they are given a variety of opportunities to learn the same concept in different ways.

Over 500 learners have experienced the Gymathstics® Program with success and are confident and independent learners in mathematics. They have developed a love for mathematics and being able to understand how mathematics can be used in real-life situations. Read our testimonial page for more information.




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Healthy Living: Product Review: Real Kids Sunglasses

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HL banner - food2.1

 photo Logo - O-V Optics_zpslnliij4m.jpg

 photo Logo - Real Kids Shades_zpszbcpk2bp.jpg

In February this year, I was fortunate enough to attend the Gauteng Mom Blog Meetup and was given the opportunity to review the Real Kids Sunglasses, imported into South Africa by O-V Optics.

Pixie just loves her sunglasses. These glasses are AWESOME and virtually indestructible. They are pricey, but well worth it. We will be getting the older 3 each a pair over time.

 photo IMG_20150228_170222_zps41ul1kyf.jpg

 photo 20150301_173902_zpsm8dh87h3.jpg

 photo 20150301_173908_zpsaxhvklch.jpg

 photo 20150406_170609_zpse37xe2nk.jpg

Here are the two available styles

 photo SWAG Small amp Med_zps9lms3zra.jpg


 photo SPORT Small amp Med_zpsknwfm0of.jpg

Real Kids Shades – Now in South Africa!

100% UV protective sunglasses for children!

Our product-testing program is rigorous and comprehensive. All Real Kids sunglasses are third-party tested to provide 100% UVA/UVB protection as measured by the strictest American, European, and Australian governing bodies.

All our sunglasses are:

100% UVA/UVB Protection

CPSIA Compliant – Lead-free with no bisphenol A and no phthalates

CE Certified

Rx Capable – you can fit your Real Kids Shades with prescription lenses

FDA Approved

Melanoma International Foundation Seal of Approval

The Melanoma International Foundation (MIF) has awarded Real Kids its Seal of Approval. This signifies that Real Kids has met MIF standards for 100% UV protective eyewear for children. MIF developed its Seal of Approval endorsement as part of its mission to prevent serious sun damage and has recognized Real Kids for helping to protect children from permanent UV eye damage.
These sunglasses are perfect for kids. They bend and twist without breaking and offer the best UV protection to the eyes. Watch the video below to see how these awesome glasses sand up to abuse.

What is UV?

UV or Ultraviolet Radiation can be classified as UVA, UVB or UVC according to wavelength
UV light is not visible to the naked eye.
UVA and UVB rays penetrate the eye whereas most UVC rays are absorbed by our ever thinning ozone layer.

 photo eye image_zps81c0fvv3.png

When UV is absorbed by a molecule, energy is transferred to the molecule and causes damage to the tissue. This causes changes to DNA, resulting in distorted proteins and death of cells.

 photo Infographic - How UV Damages Eyes_zps0jaf0afs.jpg

Protecting your eyes from UV

A large brimmed hat can provide up to 50% protection from UV
Wrapped sunglasses with a UV 400 filter on the lenses provide maximum protection from UV
Tinted lenses or sunglasses with no UV filter cause the pupils to dilate even more in sunlight than if one were to wear no lenses at all – this allows even more light flood into the eye resulting in increased UV exposure.
Bad sunglasses = MORE damage than no sunglasses!

UV Damage in Children

Children are more vulnerable to UV damage as they have larger pupils and clearer lenses – a greater amount of light penetrates the ocular tissues causing an increased risk of complications.
Children spend more time outdoors – approximately 3 times more than adults.
The lenses in children’s eyes do not block as much UV radiation as they do in adults’ eyes, putting them at increased risk for sun damage to the eyes.
UV damage is cumulative – when damage occurs it can never be reversed, only treated.

You can read more on the UV Damage Effects on the Eye HERE.

 photo skin eye problems_zpslb3fbsba.png

 photo before 18_zpsst1sefx0.png

 photo overcast_zpsfznxrws4.png


O-V Optics Pty Ltd – Protecting the vision in your child’s future
O-V Optics Pty Ltd was founded, and is owned and operated by Tanya and Zulé. The two head up a team of passionate individuals, sharing strong family values and the belief that they all have the right to protect our children in any scenario imaginable. The O-V Team’s mission is to educate and inform about the dangers of UV exposure to the eyes of children, so empowering and enabling you, as a parent, to protect your little treasure.

Sunglasses are a necessity for all, not just an accessory for some!
Tanya qualified as an optometrist from The University of Johannesburg and has extensive experience in practice and in optical sales, having consulted for Johnson & Johnson Medical and Hoya Vision Care. Her perseverance and dedication make her an exceptional problem solver, never giving up until a solution is created. Tanya’s broad optical knowledge is the core of the outstanding service and products O-V Optics Pty Ltd deliver.

Zulé, an adventurer at heart, completed her Psychology qualification through UNISA, while travelling the World. She was enlightened and astounded by destinations such as the natural diversity of England, South Korea, Seychelles, and the South of France in the Mediterranean. She filled various positions in various industries learning from many, but ultimately practicing her passion as a Professional Photographer. Zulé’s unique worldly experiences give her an edge when connecting with people and ensuring O-V Optics Pty Ltd stick to our core values.

Together the duo traveled the South American continent, spending six months volunteering in the rural countryside, touring cities, and appreciating natural wonders – even undertaking the 4 day hiking journey to Macchu Picchu. The two vowed that they will not return home until they had formulated a solid plan to change the future of as many others as possible for the better. With Tanya’s passion and expertise in the optical field and Zule’s vision, literally, as a photographic artist her most prized gift, it could be expected that they would want to protect the sight of others for the future. With the shared belief that prevention is better that cure, and that pro-active living is the way to a healthy future they set out on a mission to protect young eyes.

What they Value Most

– Families First – YOUR family, OUR families and The O-V Team as a big, supportive Family

– Open Honesty Always – They are here to give you the facts

– Create Happiness and Fun – They always leave you with a SMILE

– Embrace Creativity and Change – They find new ways to do things betterSunglasses at School

– Always Passionate, Always Humble


 photo 25849db1-67dc-40f5-958f-c6771194ba25_zpsbgdytvyf.png

Our MISSION –They create greater awareness of the effects of UV sun damage on the eyes of children by informing parents, teachers and children of the imminent dangers. They encourage the habitual use of UVA and UVB protective eyewear as part of our ingrained culture, and as part of your child’s school uniform for maximum protection every day.

They pave the way to the positive societal opinion that wearing sunglasses when outside is a necessity FOR ALL, not only for adults, but their children too. They do this through speaking engagements – directly with you, parents, teachers and children. They provide necessary health and safety information that you may not be aware of as part of The “Sunglasses at School” Program, a FIRST in South Africa. This, in turn, creates the need for a product that can be trusted by parents to offer the desired protection their children need. They source only the best quality in international, children specific frame designs. O-V Optics Pty Ltd distributes your child’s ordered sunglasses to member schools directly and a trained professional will fit each pair to your child’s unique features to ensure optimum comfort and protection.

They are the industry leader in the supply of children’s sunglasses as they offer unmatched quality and value in our products and services.

Speak to your principal TODAY to become part of The “Sunglasses at School” Program!

Most Importantly WHY THEY DO IT?

They believe the dangers of UV damage to the eyes aren’t being spoken about enough and they will make the facts known by educating and informing as many as possible.

They believe YOU, as a parent, have the right to protect your child from any danger that may befall your little one.

They believe you have the right to a quality product that provides value for money and protects your child’s eyes adequately.

They believe in providing a quality service, ensuring optimum comfort and safety to your child.

They believe every child has the right to eye protection and aim to establish Charitable Projects in lesser fortunate communities that will provide access to decent eye protection for all.

O-V Optics Pty Ltd – Protecting the vision in your child’s future

 photo Stay Connected with The O-V Team_zps4pegqsmz.jpg




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