Freebie Friday Linkup: Smurf Resources

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freebie friday 2015

Smurf Resources

Smurf Workbox Tags from Monsters Ed
Smurf Resources
Koko is Smurf obsessed at the moment. He has been asking me for Smurf workbox tags to go with his workboxes for ages. I made him some yesterday and decided to make them available for download.

The Smurfs – Smurfing for (Very) Young Learners from English Exercises
Smurf Resources
Online reading (cloze) exercise with 15 pictures targeted at (very) young learners and beginners. Vocabulary focuses mainly on action verbs and clothes. Grammar focus on present continuous. Enjoy.

FREE Printable – A smurfy good time! from Beanie N Us
Smurf Resources
For easy convenience, I have decided to upload the printable here. The pack consists of:
– Pre-writing exercises
– Mazes
– Literacy exercises – starting consonant sounds, rhyming words, antonyms, etc.
– Math – one-to-one counting, patterning, etc
– Logic activities
and finishes off with a creative thinking page

Smurfs Coloring Pages from Printables 4 Kids
Smurf Resources
Going along the trend of remaking movies based on characters and hits from the 70s and 80s, there is a new Smurfs movie coming out this summer – July 29 to be exact. The Smurfs movie brings the little blue creatures to life in 3D when they get forced out of their “world” and find themselves right smack in the middle of New York City. It looks like a cute movie and in anticipation of new Smurfs printables, games, and goodies, here are some classic Smurfs coloring pages.

smurfs from iSLCollective
Smurf Resources
This two-page worksheet is a story of smurfs and activities of present simple

The Smurfs from iSLCollective
Smurf Resources
A worksheet to work the topic of Magic and Fantasy films with the focus on one episode of The Smurfs. Suitable for kids (10/12 years old) at an intermediate level.

Smurfalicious Smurfs Smurfed… from AmigurumiBB’s Blog
Smurf Resources
For entire last week have worked on this Smurf(s) pattern and finally they are ready to be presented!

So far only three are finished.

Smurfette, Papa Smurf and Clumsy

Smurf Hat from FaveCrafts
Smurf Resources
You’ll be singing a happy song after you make and wear this awesome Smurf Hat! Crochet hat patterns are great for beginners, so there’s no excuses! Make a Smurf Hat for you and all of your friends!




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Freebie Friday Linkup: American Sign Language Resources

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freebie friday 2015

American Sign Language Resources

Uppercase Alphabet Arc Mat with American Sign Language and 3×3 Boxes from Angela Hanson
American Sign Language Resources
The Uppercase Alphabet Arc Mat with American Sign Language and 3×3 Boxes is a great tool to use for small group interventions, alphabet arc activities, centers, and/or literacy work stations. This alphabet arc mat can be used for the following skills: letter recognition, letter sequencing, letter sounds, and consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) word building. Use the mat to improve students’ literacy skills!

American Sign Language Alphabet & Puzzles from A Special Kind of Teaching
American Sign Language Resources
Enjoy this freebie from “A Special Kind of Teaching”.

Easter Word scramble in Sign Language from HearMyHands
American Sign Language Resources
Practice your fingerspelling by unscramble these frequently used Easter words. This is a great way to remember your American Sign Language letters! Six words (including: Easter, eggs, April and others) are provided with a word bank.

Easter Bunny American Sign Language coloring page from HearMyHands
American Sign Language Resources
learn sign language the fun way – coloring!
Easter bunny coloring page with the signs underneath from HearMyHands

ASL: Introduction to American Sign Language FREE SAMPLE from Monday Yummy
American Sign Language Resources
Introduction to American Sign Language [ASL] is a 10 lesson course designed especially for very young learners. This free sample is the student worksheet for lesson 1.

ASL Handshape puzzle from Heidi Givens
American Sign Language Resources
Practicing letter recognition is a critical skill for reading readiness. The same is true for deaf children learning American Sign Language. They need to practice recognizing the handshapes of ASL. This fun hidden puzzle is free for you to use with your students.

ASL Alphabet Freeze from Barnard Island
American Sign Language Resources
In my classroom it is so importnat to use an alphabet freeze that includes sign language pictures. This type of alphabet supports many different types of learners, especially your kinesthetic learners, because they can sign words as they spell them. Enjoy this item for FREE!

American Sign Language Alphabet from Ms. Greer
American Sign Language Resources
This is a handout I give my students when we are learning about Helen Keller. It is the American Sign Language Alphabet. My students enjoy learning the alphabet in sign. I have them spell with partners. One of their favorite activities is to spell a spelling word to their partner and have them figure out what word they are signing.

Applications for Learning/Using Sign Language from Consonantly Speaking
American Sign Language Resources
This application list showcases applications for learning and using sign language. Applications included are not solely for American Sign Language, but also for British Sign Language, Japanese Sign Language, Thai Sign Language, Spanish Sign Language, and more. It includes the current app icon, current application name, a short description of each application, and the current price at the time this list was released/updated. Applications on this list are for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and Nook as listed below each application name.

Word Wall Letters & Numerals – American Sign Language from Sped-Ventures
American Sign Language Resources
This is a set of word wall posters (half sheet size) featuring the American Sign Language symbols for each letter, as well as numerals 0-9. Great for back to school in special education or inclusion classrooms, or for anyone using sign language/fingerspelling to incorporate the kinesthetic learning style into alphabet and numeral learning. Features letters A-Z and numerals 0-9.

Dolch Pre Primer Sight Words Using American Sign Language (ASL) Video from Tawanda Braswell
American Sign Language Resources
Dolch sight words using American Sign Language video. The video contains 40 pre-primer sight words with audio and American Sign Language (ASL) signs. Video length is 7 minutes 2 seconds. The video is a training tool for teachers, parents, and children alike. Research shows that learning sight words or high-frequency words using ASL increased a childs ability to learn the sight word faster than merely visualizing the written word.

Sign Language Numbers Poster from Lauren Reichenbach
American Sign Language Resources
This poster demonstrates numbers 1-10 in American Sign Language.

American Sign Language Colours from Yahoo Images
American Sign Language Resources

American Sign Language Videos for Homeschoolers from Year Round Homeschooling
American Sign Language Resources
We’ve been using American Sign Language in our family for years. I learned ASL as a child and I worked as an interpreter during my late teens, which helped me to build a deep appreciation for the unique beauty of sign language. I’ve since found it to be a wonderful tool for helping kids (both deaf and hearing) to communicate




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Freebie Friday Linkup: Shape Resources

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freebie friday 2015

Shape Resources

New Shape Coloring Pages! from 3Dinosaurs
 Shape Resources
Since the ABC Color Pages came out I’ve had several requests for other coloring pages. That is how these came about! I hope that you enjoy them. We will be using these like the ABC Coloring Pages and putting them in a sheet protectors in a binder. My youngest loves to use them this way so she do them over and over.

*FREE* Marshmallow Shapes! {Shape Building} from Rachelle Rosenblit
 Shape Resources
This pack includes a sweet little activity I did as part of my annual evaluation this year. After learning about 2D and 3D shapes, we build them using toothpicks and marshmallows! Each student was given a plate, toothpicks and marshmallows and allowed to let their creativity flow! This lesson allows students to think critically and covers several common core Geometry standards. I’ve also included some shape building cards that I used as needed with some of my struggling students who needed more support. The student can look at the shape first, then build it.

Sorting 3D Shapes Worksheet from Kinder Learning Garden
Students sort the 3D shapes from the 2D shapes by cutting and gluing in the correct box.

Keeping My Little Butterfly Busy from Frog Spot
 Shape Resources
And just in case you would like to work on a caterpillar theme one day – download this FREE ‘Trace, Shade & Graph’ worksheet. I whipped it up ready for our lessons tomorrow!

Geometry Posters- Freebie! from Teacher’s Take-Out
 Shape Resources
Spruce up your Geometry Unit with Geometry Centers and Activities Pack This pack is loaded with fun math centers for K-2 Classrooms.

It includes the shapes of: squares, rectangles, triangles, circle, trapezoid, hexagon, cone, cube, sphere, half-circle, quarter circle, triangular prism, rectangular prism, and cylinder.

3-D Shapes Book with Real World Objects from Learning with a Happy Heart
 Shape Resources
Hi Friends! Here is my 3-D shapes freebie number 2.




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Encouraging Hearts and Home Blog Hop #139 ~ Valentines Day

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Encouraging Hearts and Home

The Encouraging Hearts and Home Blog Hop (previously Hearts for Home Blog Hop) is a weekly blog hop that begins every Thursday morning. The theme of this blog hop is showing that our hearts are for our homes. Post topics include: homeschooling, marriage, parenting, homemaking, faith, budgeting, crafts, DIY projects and more! We would love to see you link up your posts. We feature the most popular post and a few of our favorites every week! Will you be one of the next Featured Bloggers?

Not a blogger? That’s okay! This blog hop will be your one stop location to finding ideas and inspiration for fulfilling your role as a wife, mother and follower of Christ. We are so glad you have stopped by!

Meet my cohosts here!

Featured blogger with the most clicks last week ~ 11 Fun Valentine Activities for Kids (WTRW) (Lit Mama)
Encouraging Hearts



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Freebie Friday Linkup: Spring Resources

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freebie friday 2015

Spring Resources

Free Spring Printables from Monsters Ed
Spring Resources
Previous Freebie Friday Roundup

Garden Preschool Pack Printables from Homeschool Creations
Spring Resources
We primarily used the book Jack’s Garden by Henry Cole for our study about gardening along with several other great books. Here’s a look inside the first two parts of the Garden Preschool Pack:
~ Name tag strip and story summary sheet for front of lapbook or folder if you store your preschool pack
~ Gardening words {and 2 part word and picture matching cards}
~ Water the Flower tracing lines
~ Cabbage Counting Game ~ counting & number identification cards
~ Parts of a Flower cards and How a Flower Grows game
~ Beginning sound word cards and tracing strips
~ Rhyming word cards
~ Letter P and G word tracing sheets
~ and MUCH more!!!!

Spring Egg-Stravaganza! from Live Speak Love
Spring Resources
After what seems like barely even a winter (not one single snow day or even a school delay for my county!) spring has officially arrived. I realized yesterday that there is very little time left before spring break, and I quickly began gathering my materials for the spring kickoff season. Some of my favorite activities revolve around spring themes — Easter eggs, baby chicks and bunnies, the switch to warm-weather clothing and spending more time outside. I am very excited to share with you some of the resources I have developed and will be using with my students.

Spring Fun Tot Pack from 1+1+1=1
Spring Resources
It’s ready! I included a few different themes all together for one big Spring Fun page. You’ll find all of the Baby Animals printables, as well as some I have made but haven’t even used with K yet {but will in the next few weeks}.

All About Spring Fun Pack {FREE Pre-K/K Printable Pack} from
Spring Resources
This package contains more than 25 pages of activities including:

Color by number
Printing practice and coloring sheets
Cutting and pasting activities
Matching Game
All About Spring booklet with comprehension questions
Which comes first sequencing activity

Flower Fun with Categories from Lindsey Karol
Spring Resources
Target a child’s ability to name items that belong to a category with this packet that includes 30 category cards.

To prepare: Print, laminate, and cut out all category cards.

To use: Students take turns drawing category cards and naming items that belong to the category on the card.

Spring: Free ‘L’ Articulation Cards from Jenna Rayburn
Spring Resources
Check out this freebie for the ‘L’ sounds as a preview to my Early Developing and Later Developing Articulation Games for Spring.

Spring Yarn Tree – Seasons – Spring Dot Printables from 3Dinosaurs
Spring Resources
Spring Pack Extra!
Here is some fun Spring Dot Marker fun! 8 pages of Spring Trees and Flowers.




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Freebie Friday Linkup: Winter Resources

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freebie friday 2015

Winter Resources

Winter Freebie (Pre-K/K Fun Pack 25+ Pages) from Serving Joyfully
Winter Resources
25+ pages of fun-filled learning activities focusing on language arts, mathematics, and problem-solving. And a lot of fun to go along with it.

You’ll find:

Winter booklet for early readers, along with comprehension questions
Patterns worksheets
Writing practice
Cutting/Pasting activities
Counting and adding
Winter match game
Coloring Sheets
And More!

Snowflake Printable Pack from Life is Peachy
Winter Resources
Activities included in the Snowflake Printable Pack:
Pattern Practice
Shape Tracing
Mini Counting Book
9-Piece Puzzles
Pre-Writing Practice
Do A Dot Art Marker pages
Sorting by Size

Snow & Ice Printables from A Teaching Mommy
Winter Resources
Is it too cold to venture outside? Don’t let the bitter temps keep your preschooler or tots from having some wintry fun. These FREE Snow & Ice printables will bring the season inside, so you can stay warm.

Winter Fun Printables from A Teaching Mommy
Winter Resources
Looking to have a little winter fun indoors with your preschooler or tot? Then these FREE winter fun printables are just what you need from A Teaching Mommy
Winter Resources
This week we are expanding our Polar Lands Theme printables.

The Winter Water Cycle from A Teaching Mommy
Winter Resources
We try to come up with fun activities for science with your little ones! Since we are studying snow and ice this week it presents a wonderful opportunity to introduce the water cycle to your kiddos and then revisit the process when spring rains come.

Snow and Ice Counting Book and Magnet Pages from A Teaching Mommy
Winter Resources
Well, there is no snow and ice yet in our neck of the woods. Apparently that is the case with most of the country though! I heard today that parts of Texas have had more snow this season than Buffalo, New York! Talk about crazy! So you won’t likely be counting any real snowflakes for awhile this Snowflake Counting Book might fill in the gap!

Raising Rock Stars ~ Snowflakes from 1+1+1=1
Winter Resources
The purpose of our time was to emphasize that God made snowflakes just like he made people and that we are special to God and also very unique. We used an awesome lesson from Danielle’s Place to illustrate what it feels like to be blown around just like a snowflake and to know that God is always with us no matter where we may blow.

Winter Fun from 1+1+1=1
Winter Resources

This is a Tot Pack featuring many different printables for you to use with your tot or preschooler. Put some together into a Tot Book, or keep them separate for a Tot Pack.

{FREE} Snowman Preschool Pack from 123 Homeschool 4 Me
Winter Resources
Snowman Preschool Worksheets
This free preschool pack has free educational worksheets for kids ages 3-7 yeas old. Here is a little bit of what you’ll find:
FREE Snowman Preschool Pack with educational worksheets for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarten, 1st grade and 2nd grade
Patterning & Sequencing with Snowmen
Read & Build words with SCRABBLE tiles
Cut & Paste Frosty’s Top Hat
Cut & Paste the Seasons
Clocks: minutes, telling time, and counting by 5’s
Which one’s biggest and other fun with sizes
How many snowman? Practice with counting, numbers, and oral addition/subtraction
Identifying upper & lower case F’s
Tactile letter F (finger trace, play dough mat, glue & sand/glitter/rice, etc.)
Cutting practice
Amazing Mazes (2 levels): Fine Motor Skills & Pre-writing practice
Beginning letter sounds: H,S, B,C
Add it up Dice Math: Addition 0-12
Letter S practice
Tracing color words

from 1st Grade Learning Stars
Winter Resources
This is like the make a word, but it uses words that make sentences. Cut out each sheet and put into it’s own baggie, there are 4 altogether. The students make a sentence from the words. Then the students record what they made on to the recording sheet. I’ve made all of these activities because it’s getting so close to our Winter Break and the kids need something a bit different than the usual stuff I have them using. There is so much energy in the air and it’s only December 7th. Actually, I’m enjoying watching the kids excitement grow each day during this time of the year. We only have 7 more school days until our break. But hey, who’s counting!

More Winter Math from 1st Grade Learning Stars
Winter Resources
Here’s another math game I made for the concept of tens and ones. What I want my kids to do is write the numbers out in expanded notation (even though they don’t know that’s what they are doing). You could do it as just how many tens and how many ones. Either way, I hope your children enjoy this one.

Penguin Doubles Cover Up from Ms Arnold
Winter Resources
This game is perfect for math stations or a small teacher directed group. The game comes with four game boards, storage labels and directions.

The Mitten Unit & Lapbook Printables from Homeschool Share
Winter Resources
Author: Jan Brett
ISBN: 039921920X
Level 2 & 3 unit by Ginger A.
lapbook printables by Kelly Cooper and Ami

Free Printable Snowman Craft for Christmas! from Smarty Pants Fun
Winter Resources
This project has been “tested”. I printed out a few copies and let my little sisters go for it. They loved it! Which is good because this one was allot of work.




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