Mommies On a Mission

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I’m fortunate enough to be involved, on a voluntary basis, with Mommies on a Mission (aka MOAM).

What is Mommies on a Mission?

Mommies on a Mission is growing non-denominational voluntary group (Non-profit) of parents, committed to pooling our resources; our kids outgrown, unused or unwanted clothes, toys, toiletries, accessories and furniture, our time and or skills, and personal finances. We investigate places that need help, identify their needs and distribute accordingly.

We are also committed to fundraising in order to purchase what we may not be able to collect from our members.

We are moms, with mostly our time, our children’s discarded belongings and our love, but the possibilities are endless.

I have already donated all our small and unused baby cloths to this wonderful organisation.

If you wish to become a volunteer or make a donation, please see the email addresses below:

To become a volunteer –
Donation Enquiries –