Story Starters ~ My First Stories

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Language arts

~Noo is currently in Grade 2~

I got this wonderful book from a friend. Its a workbook for children aged between 6 and 8 years old to develop the child’s creative writing skills. Noo is thoroughly enjoying this book so far.

Here are two of the stories that Noo “wrote” this week. The words in orange are the words he had to fill in from a word list (each story has its own Word List). As he progresses through this book he will have to write the middle of the story (they give the beginning and the end), then the beginning of the story, the end of a story and then he will be given a blank page with a title and have to write the entire story.

Story 1


By Noo

One CLOUDY morning I woke up and found that I had been turned into a FROG. I was very GREEN. I had COLOURS all over my body. They were YELLOW and STICKY. At home, my MOM gave me a HUG and told me to eat my cereal. But I wanted a FLY instead. At school, my TEACHER was SHOCKED, and I had to sit in a BOX. They finally called a DOCTOR, and I was soon back to being myself. Everyone said, “TIME TO EAT” and I agreed with them!

The End

Story 2


By Noo

One day I was RUNNING home when I saw a little RABBIT running across the sidewalk. I followed it into a HOLE. It was very DARK and SMELLY. This FOOLED me, but I did not give up. There were PICKLES growing on the ceiling, and there were lots of LAMPS on the walls. Just then, a DUCK jumped out and HUGGED me! “This is a secret hiding place for ANIMALS. Do you want to LEAVE?” it said. I said “YES,” and then I went HOME.

The End