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The kids really loved this book and the work we did around it.

Fun lunches:
Snail lunch (circles cut out of bread filled with grated cheese, a banana for the snails body, grated cheese for the antennae and icing pens for the eyes and mouth. I use tomato sauce to make the pattern on the bread)
 photo IMG_20140305_121531_zps940f3583.jpg

Queen of Hearts lunch (heart sandwich filled with egg salad, diamond mini muffin cup with grapes and a clock drawn on rice paper with a food marker)
 photo 20140307_114710_zps2768fb9f.jpg

Fifi and I did quite a bit of baking this month for all the tea parties we had. We had one almost every day. Fifi and Pixie loved it, Koko… Not so much, LOL. Turns out, boys aren’t crazy about tea parties. Who knew šŸ˜›
 photo IMG_20140217_124513_zpsc578ff55.jpg
 photo IMG_20140217_124409_zps904d6a3e.jpg

Pixie also got in the baking fun
 photo IMG_20140220_111426_zpsf7d137b1.jpg

After finishing the book, we watched the movie. The kids didn’t enjoy it as much as they enjoyed the book. I was very surprised by that.
 photo IMG_7838_zps3856a29a.jpg
 photo IMG_7841_zpsa91c131a.jpg

I didn’t take any photos of the kids busy with their theme packs, but I’ve added the links to the resources we used below.
Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll on Amazon
Alice in Wonderland – Alice, Chesire cat, Mad Hatter Clipart and graphics
My Alice in Wonderland board on Pinterest
Alice in Wonderland Paper Dolls
Alice in Wonderland Unit Study by Enchanted Homeschooling Mom

Next month the theme is

the story of cars



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