Totschool with Pixie this week

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~Pixie is 32 months old~

Pixie is LOVING Tot school. We worked on this week’s trays after her afternoon nap when she is refreshed and the big kids are all done with their lessons and are outside playing. Her favourite is the pompom, fine motor skill tray. She played with it numerous times this week and I’ll be keeping this activity on her shelf next week.

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Pixie is now building a 9 piece puzzle with very little assistance. The puzzle she has came with a full size poster that we currently use as a guide under the puzzle pieces. Once she has mastered building the puzzle without any assistance, I will take the poster away.

 photo 20140425_101824_zpslf9ue2bt.jpg photo 20140425_101706_zpsaod48t2g.jpg photo 20140425_101809_zpsxhvgknli.jpg

She is definitely a little puzzle monster. These have been so much fun for her. She didn’t struggle matching the baby and parent animals at all!

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She loved the butterfly colour matching activity too. She did this activity over and over again 🙂

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A new activity I made this week, was the fine motor kebab stick. I made holes into a plastic bottle lid and showed her how to push the sticks through the hole. The sticks are a tight fit and she had to work to get them to go into the hole. She didn’t enjoy this activity very much and only did it once. I’ll put it away and include it again in a week or two.

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I just love watching her play with the dinosaur sensory box and her Animal Barn shape set. I love how she makes the animals kiss ♥

 photo 20140423_171743_zpstjsoqlka.jpg photo 20140423_172740_zpsajzhfpsf.jpg

 photo 20140425_103701_zps0as74qw2.jpg photo 20140425_103719_zpsvcvkt2ht.jpg

Of course we couldn’t have the sensory box out without a little mess, LOL

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I let Pixie cook with me for the first time this week, she got to cut the mushrooms for our dinner. She loved it and cut quite a few. Just look at the concentration!

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