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Being an, unintentional, Montessori Mom, I’ve often found that the Montessori equipment can be rather pricy. I have scoured high and low for tutorials on DIY Montessori materials and this is what I have Found on the net. Here are so many great resources out there, you just have to know where to look.

DIY Montessori Fine Motor Activities | Low to No Cost (Racheous – Lovable Learning)
DIY Montessori Fine Motor Activities | Low to No Cost

This is my favourite DIY Montessori find to date. There are so many fun, easy to make, activities here. I have made of few of these for Pixie already.

Rachel says, “Cheap Montessori fine motor activities that are DIY and simple to set up are something I am asked about frequently. Many of these can be adapted to be appropriate for many age groups.”

DIY Montessori Materials (Living Montessori Now)
Deb is a former Montessori teacher and school owner with a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Studies. She also homeschooled her children through high school and now writes about Montessori activities and ideas, homeschooling and parenting in general. I love her blog. Deb had tons and tons of information on her site. It’s one of my “go-to” sites when I’m looking for inspiration on new themes.

The above links to her DIY Montessori directory.

DIY Montessori Materials and Free Montessori Printables (The Little List)
the little list
This is regularly updated directory of DIY Montessori material tutorials and free printable Montessori resources.

DIY and Free Printable Montessori Math Materials (The Little List)
This is my favourite DIY Montessori find on The Little List. Make your own Montessori math materials with these printables and tutorials.

DIY Montessori Hierarchical Material (Making Montessori Ours)
DIY Montessori Hierarchical Material
This is the process that was used to make the Montessori Hierarchical Materials. This material in geometric form introduces the child concretely to numbers one through one million. This is the first lesson in the Mathematics Elementary 1 Montessori Research & Development Manual.




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