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Summer is upon us. We have a week of warmer weather here (ie Spring) in South Africa with another week or 3 of rains and extreme heat. Here are some fun Summer Printables to brighten your day.

Summer File Folder Games from File Folder fun
These file folder games have a fun Summer theme! Use these games during the summer to review key facts and keep children from forgetting basic fundamentals! There are games for learning early multiplication facts, opposite words, and making ten.

Summer from A Teaching Mommy (Formally 2 Teaching Mommies)
This week we have been learning all about summer and enjoying it as well! Here is what we’ve been doing this week. Let us know what you think. We hope by providing these materials to you free of charge, it will make your life easier!

Free Summer of Fun Printable Kit from Money Saving Mom
Download a free Summer of Fun Printable Kit from Plucko Mom.

Preschool Summer Theme from Step By Step
Here are TONS of ideas for a Preschool Summer Theme. Links to external free printables are listed on this page.

Preschool Sunshine Theme from Step By Step
Here are TONS of ideas for a Preschool Sunshine Theme. Links to external free printables are listed on this page.

Summer Worksheets from All Kids Network
Check out our selection of printable summer worksheets for kids. We’ve put together a bunch of summer worksheets that are good for kids of different ages. The summer picture matching and counting worksheets are good for preschool age children while the summer word scramble, missing letters and summer cryptogram puzzle are geared toward kids a little older.

Summer from The Virtual Vine
On this page you will find a wide range of activities to wind up your school year and ease your students into a summer of fun and continued learning. Here are TONS of ideas for a Summer Theme. Links to external free printables are listed on this page.

Summer BBQ Tot Kit by Lawteedah
Alphabet Tracers
Counting Burgers
Burger Size Sort
Pre-writing Practice
3 Part Puzzles

Summertime Math Work Stations-Beginning Number Concepts by Mrs Will’s Kindergarten
These stations are designed around summertime… Woo Hoo! But you can easily image having the same activities with a different thematic set of graphics and it is new again to your sweeties.

Summer Dominoes from Classroom Jr

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun from Kindergarten Crayons
Do your kids love spinner activities? My partner suggested this one to keep them busy while we try to get some work done! I hope you can use it too!

New Pool Time Preschool Unit from A Teaching Mommy (Formally 2 Teaching Mommies)
Here are the printables included in this mini unit:
Roll & Graph
Size Sort
Beginning Writing/Cutting Practice
Size Sequencing
Stamping Strips
Counting Clip Cards
Number Order Puzzle
Which is Different?
Uppercase/Lowercase Letter Match

“Where” is Pool Party for Locations and Questions by Liz Haider on Teachers Pay Teachers
Simple speech activity to work on basic where questions and describing locations. The cards show kids at a pool party and they are; in, on, under, next to, in front of, behind, and over things. Kids need to describe the location and answer the question.

Free Summer Pack from 3Dinosaurs
These Summer Printables are made to be used with kids 2 to 8. They were made to go with several summer theme books.

Free Summer Printables for Kids from True Aim
Summertime equals free time for a lot of children. Your children might be coming to you more often than you’d like which means you’ll need some activities in reserve. These free summer printables for kids will help with that by providing a quick an easy way to fend off boredom. With hundreds of ideas, you’re bound to find something for your children to do!

Free Summer Bookmarks, Count and Graph, and Reading Charts from Wise Owl Factory on Teachers Pay Teachers
This printable includes:
3 pages of bookmarks in colour to print and cut apart
2 pages of black and white bookmarks to print and cut apart
1 page of summer counting and 1 page of corresponding graphing
1 black and white reading chart to print for students
1 summer reading chart in colour




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