Montessori Madness ~ Sewing Kits and Trays

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I’ve made Fifi a sewing basket with different shapes (the same shapes I used for Pixie’s silly straw threading activity, with a few modifications. I’ve added a homemade pin cushion that I tied to the little basket (my Brother and Sister in law’s wedding invitations came in these, isn’t it adorable?) and added pins, a tapestry needle and Fiberfill.

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I used 6×6 inch quilting squares and pinned the shapes onto 2 pieces and cut them out.

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Heart lacing from Discovery Kidzone

Sewing from Studio Sprout
Sewing is a wonderful fine motor skill craft. It can easily be adapted for all ages. Students 18 months to 4 years worked on burlap which I purchased at our local fabric store. Burlap now comes in a multitude of beautiful colors. I chose white so embroidery thread of any color would show nicely. My older students (5 to 9 years) used curtain fabric I found at a thrift store. This was also a loose weave and easy to poke needles through. We used plastic needles purchased through Discount School Supply. They have a large eye and are easy to thread, very pointy, but not sharp, thus safe for little hands. I pre-threaded all the needles before class to save time since children are eager to keep going when they get to the end of their thread and it takes time to tie off.

Our Toddler Friendly Sewing Basket from Childhood 101
Given that I am regularly playing around with fabric and all manner of notions, Immy is always one step behind me raiding the drawers in my study for things to ‘make’ with. I have read about creating toddler ‘sewing’ baskets on a number of blogs and decided it was time to make Immy her own collection. – See more at:

Sewing Drawers from To the Lesson
I’ve really tried to focus on something unrelated to my Montessori life during this Christmas vacation – really, I have. The thing is, I can find something “Montessori” in just about anything! Such was the case when, in an attempt to clear my mind of all things Montessori-related, I revisited my old hobby of counted cross-stitching:

Pumpkin Activity for Preschoolers from Carrots are Orange
Sewing a wonderful early learning activity for children. We recently used felt, yarn, and cotton balls to create a pumpkin. The great part about this activity is that you can adjust it to the age of the child with the type of needle, the type of thread, and how much the child owns the process. Here is how we did our Pumpkin Activity for Preschoolers.

Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons: A Sewing Activity from Mama Papa Bubba
Throughout the story, anytime Pete would lose a button, she would too – which she thought was pretty hilarious! I wasn’t sure where the missing buttons would get put, but she knew exactly where she wanted them – on my hand so we could easily find them come round two.

Pumpkin Felting and Sewing Basket from Rockabye Butterfly
While I was felting the pumpkin, Butterfly wanted to do some hand work too. So I put together this cute Sewing Basket for her!




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