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Hubby’s cousin and fellow blogger, Heather, has a little boy who is crazy about cars. So in honour of our car loving little cousin, Nicky, here are my favourite free online transportation printables.

Tot School – Car and Truck Theme by My Life of Travels and Adventures
This blog post features 10 Cars and Trucks tray ideas, including a sensory box.

Cookie Cutter Match by Lovely Commotion
I love this DIY cooking cutter matching game she made for her little one. Its simple and easy.

Printable Counting Mat: Fill the Dump Truck! by The Measured Mom
The printable contains numbers up to 20.

Printable pattern cards for preschool and kindergarten: Trucks! by The Measured Mom
The tiny cards can be used to create your own patterns or to complete these ten pattern strips. In this set of 10 strips you will find:
4 ABAB pattern strips
3 AABB pattern strips
3 AAB pattern strips

Transportation Preschool Pack by Homeschool Creations
Here’s a look inside the Transportation Preschool Pack:
· Name tag strip for front of lapbook or folder if you store your preschool pack
· Story summary sheet for one of your favorite books
· Transportation words {and 2 part word and picture matching cards}
· Shadow matching
· Fly the Airplane tracing lines
· 3 Piece puzzle cards
· Vehicle size sequencing
· Color by number coloring page
· Letters to spell several vehicle words
· Count the Vehicles ~ 1:1 counting and number identification cards
· Vehicle Colors ~ trace the color word
· Left and Right direction sorting cards
· Beginning sound word cards
· Letter H and B word tracing sheets

Tractor Packs by Royal Baloo
These Tractor themed packs are perfect for kids aged 4-6.

Included in the packs:
3 part cards
Reading Comprehension
Math Mysteries
Tractor Addition
Tractor Graphing
Read and Write Cards
Tractor Maze
Tractor SuDoKu
Which is Different?
How Many Tractors?
Beginning Sounds
Missing Numbers
What Time is It?
Color by Addition
Math with Tractors
4 Part Puzzle
How many ways can you make 10?
What Comes Next?
Skip Counting by 10 Puzzle

GHI Review Pack by Living Worldsapart
Inside this printable pack, you will find:
letter play dough mats
2 part puzzles
sight word puzzles
alphabet tracers
magnifying cards
spin and graph activities
roll and graph activities
letter/sight word parking lot game
51 total pages to review the concepts – GHI as well as counting to 9, and the sight words: away, go, and you.

Tractor totbook by Caterpillarschool on Currclick
“Cute beginning lapbook for toddlers. Nice to use with boys to work on numbers and colors.” – Tawnee H.

Train Preschool Pack by LittleMonkeyPrintables on Teachers Note Book
This pack is great for parents of preschoolers or for preschool teachers! It contains 3 title/instruction pages and 27 pages of printable learning games and activity pages for 3 – 5 year olds.

You’ll find:
~ scissors skills
~ graphing activity
~ shape matching
~ size matching
~ ten-part puzzle (number order practice)
~ circle what’s different
~ handwriting practice T and t
~ rhyming words activity
~ alphabet mini book (match upper/lowercase)
~ train cars for counting
~ prewriting
~ missing numbers
~ count & match puzzle cards
~ add & match puzzle cards
~ dot marker page
~ Find the T and t page
~ Word Builders (spelling)

Transportation {Expanded} by A Tteaching Mommy
Preschool Pack:
Patterns (ABAB and AABB)
Roll & Graph
Letter Sort
Writing Maze
Beginning Writing/Cutting Practice
Size Sort
Number Order Puzzle (1-10 and 11-20)
Spelling Puzzles
Count & Clip

Tot Pack:
Vehicle Match
Vehicle Shapes
Count the Cars
Truck Colors (mini book)
Size Sequencing
Boat Picture Puzzle

Cars Totbook by 1+1+1=1
Cars Shapes
Cars Colors
Counting with Cars
My Name

Cars Preschool Pack by 1+1+1=1
These Cars printables will give your child hours of fun and exposure to early learning skills like shapes, counting, early reading, tracing and more!

Big Machines by 1+1+1=1
Skills included in this Tot Book: colors, numbers, name recognition, early reading



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