12 Months of Montessori Learning ~ January: Practical Life

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12 months of montessori learning

I will be following along with Natural Beach Living and The Natural Homeschool this year in their 12 Months of Montessori Learning series. What a fun way to document the different aspects of the Montessori Method on a monthly basis!

January’s theme was Practical Life. This is, most probably, my favourite activity for the kidlets.

This month, Pixie learned to paint her own finger nails, cut an apple with a apple slicer and grate soap on a cheese grater. My sister in law gave each of the girls a bottle of nail polish (a favourite activity that the girls and I love doing together) and Pixie decoded to decorate her own nails. I purchased the inexpensive apple slicer and grater at the Crazy store. The apple slicer and grater are also available on Amazon.

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Fifi baked cupcakes for our joint birthday party. She used the Pillsbury Traditional Cake Mix. I measured out all the wet ingredients and supervised the mixing. She didn’t want to try putting it in the oven, so I did that for her. She then proceeded to decorate them all by herself with the Pillsbury ready mix frosting in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. I spooned the frosting into a cupcake decorating bottles to minimise the mess.

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Koko is a Cub Scout and what better way to earn you cooking badge than to bake his favourite chocolate chip cookies, cook us dinner, braai (BBQ) for the family and make tea for Momma. I measured out all the wet ingredients and supervised the mixing. He does this all on his own following the recipe. We make the cookies in cupcake liners to keep them all in a uniform shape.

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