FREE: Barbie Preschool and Totschool Pack {download link fixed}

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Pixie just LOVES Barbie, anything and everything Barbie. I decided to put a Barbie Preschool and Totschool pack together for her and she absolutely LOVES it. So here, in honour of my Barbie loving girls, is our very own Barbie Preschool and Totschool Pack Free to our readers!


Please click on the above image to download the pack

Included in this pack:
Counting 1 – 5 sheet
Counting Cards 1 – 10
Size Sequencing
10 piece number sequencing puzzles (1 – 10 and 11 – 20)
Prewriting skills
ABC cards
abc cards
1 – 20 cards
Shape cards
Name recognition concertina template
Character cards
Career cards
Do a dot sheet




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