Friday Freebie: Card Game Rules for Kids

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freebie friday 2015

My children love playing cards. I have several decks of cards here and the children will often grab a box and play together. To minimize the arguing, I drew up card game rules for kids cards that fit into the card boxes. I then printed the cards onto thick cardboard and laminated each sheet for durability.

Click here to download Card Game Rules for Kids

My children are thrilled with these. They now have all the rules available at their fingertips, in an unused card box. They almost always play either crazy eights, snap or go fish. This has brought some variety into their card playing.

I am in the process of putting together something similar for adults (Poker, Black Jack, etc) that I’ll make exclusively available on the Monsters Ed Homeschooling Academy’s Facebook page once we hit 500 likes. There will also be a GIVEAWAY on the Facebook page once we hit 500 Likes.

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