Summer Holiday 2015

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We spent the week with my Grandmother, Aka Granny by the River, at the Vaal River. It was LOVELY getting out of the city for the week and spending time with my 81 year old Gran and cousin Neil, who is also visiting for the holidays. Poor Papa Steve had to work, so only the children and I went away. Next time we’ll come down as a family. Its only an hour and a half away.
A few days after we arrived, my Aunt and cousin LianĂ© arrived and spoilt the kids rotten with canoe rides swimming in the river and rough housing in the pool. “Crazy Granny Sha” is the kidets’ new favourite person.
Here are a few pics of our week out of the city. This week has done me the world of good. Some R&R has been much needed by all of us.




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