Freebie Friday Linkup: Life Skills Resources

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Life Skills Resources

Free Dishes Pack in English and French from 3 Dinosaurs
Dishes Pack contains over 70 pages:
3 Part Cards, Beginning Sounds, Matching Cards, Read Write the Room, Pocket Cards, Which One Is Different, What Comes Next, Pre Writing Practice, Pattern Cards, 10 Piece Puzzles, 4 Piece Puzzles, Clip and Count Cards, Size Sorting, Sorting, Coloring Page, Color the Pattern, Math Pages, Writing Pages, Color by Size, Place Mats, Dot Marker Pages and more.

Tot Pack:
Basic Prewriting, 2 Part Puzzles, Matching, Coloring the Plate, 9 Piece Puzzle

Dishes Blank:
3 Part Cards, Beginning Sound and Pocket Cards.

5+ Helpful Parenting Charts from Thirty Handmade Days
Over the last year or so I’ve shared lots of ideas for parenting guidelines. As I’ve said lots before, these are just guidelines. You have to do what’s best for you and your family, but the information I share is meant to be helpful. Parenting can be tough! It’s the best, hardest job there is. I’ve gathered a lot of info and wanted one spot that I could put it all together.

Life Skills Activities, Worksheets, Printables, and Lesson Plans from EdHelper
Daily Life Skills Practice Pages
Life Skills Daily Warmups
Plays: Reader’s Theater Scripts
The House on the Hill (Grades 4-5)
Life Skills Theme Units
Finding Information
Public Speaking
How to Deal With
In the Home
Staying Healthy
Protecting Yourself
Shopping and Dining
How Can I Help?
Jake and Jackie Learn about Life Skills
Life Skills Analogies

Time for Report Cards! from Inspire Me
Before I pass out their report cards I have the students fill out this self-reflection… After the students fill out their self-reflection, I call them to the guided reading table to have a mini-conference. I call about 5-6 students at a time and give them the opportunity open the report card envelope, review their grades, and most importantly, ask any questions. We then discuss how I assessed their “characteristics that affect learning” and compare it with their own self-reflection. The students and I then talk about what can be done to improve and make a realistic goal for next quarter.

Sorting Laundry from Empowered by Them
We work on sorting laundry numerous times of the year. Here is a cut and paste worksheet for practice!

Kids’ Homekeeping Handbook from About Homeschooling

2011 – Week 13: Manners from Year of Family Home Evenings
What are manners? Manners are a way we act that shows everyone around us that they are important to us, that makes our home a nice place to be and that show kindness to all we meet. There are ways to have good manners and be polite in all different ways, but tonight we are going to talk about a few very important manners to start practicing…

Printable Table-Setting Place Mats from
Print this free color-in place mat that doubles as a simple way to teach your kids how to set the table. Our advice: laminate them so they’ll last awhile.

Life Skills posters from The Resourceful Room
I am so excited about these. We have an awards assembly once a month at our school at one child from each classroom is recognized for demonstrating the “life skill of the month” I created these to help introduce the skill and hopefully give students a reminder of what we are working on each month. I am going to display them just like my birthday display! The life skill of the month sign will go on the wall and the other cards will go on rings right below so it can be easily flipped each month and won’t take up a lot of room!

Life in the Real World – Teaching Life Skills to Kids from The Sunny Patch
While math, Latin, and grammar top our list of daily subjects, I know it’s also important to teach kids basic life skills and chores. Best of all, you don’t really need a program or curriculum – it’s very easy to just incorporate it into your everyday life.

Teaching Children How to Fill Out Forms from Five J’s
…Forms and applications require names, birth dates, and addresses to be written in dozens of different ways. You can prepare your children for this real-world skill by introducing them to a variety of forms and actually having actually practice filling them out. I did this with my kids this last school year, and not only did they have a lot of fun doing it, but they really learned a lot!…

Personal Hygiene from Empowered by Them
I am trying to get some cover sheets on some of the curriculum I have sitting here. This has been a slow process. I just starting using Power Point a little over a week ago, and so far so good. The folks on TpT have been great answering my questions and helping me out. Tutorials are great!!! Will post more as I make them.

Learn How to Make a Budget from Frugal Fanatic
Do you want to know how to make a budget? Are you trying to figure out where you spend all of your money? Managing your finances can be stressful and difficult to understand. Below you will find out exactly how to make a budget as well as ways to help you save money…

Putting Away Groceries from Empowered by them
Here is a fun life skills lesson on putting away groceries. I have this lesson in a cut & paste worksheet already but since Velcro is my new best friend and any cut & paste worksheet can easily be adapted into a Velcro book, here you go! There are 33 food pieces and three options of were you can put them, 12 pantry, 9 freezer, and 12 refrigerator. I used clear Velcro, cause it’s my favorite! I am giving this away for free in my store to anyone who promises to comment on my blog at least once in the next year. No pressure, lol. Here is the link to pick up a copy for our kidoes. I would love to hear how they liked it.

My Phone Number Worksheet from Twisty Noodle
Editable worksheet for learning phone numbers.

Laundry from Empowered by Them
Here is another life skills worksheet. I wish all my students did their own laundry. Unfortunately I still have students whose parents will not allow this to happen. Doesn’t mean I’m going to quit trying!…

Money Posters from Life Skills Connections on Teachers Pay Teachers
Used to display word, picture, and notation combinations for US coins

US Coin Sort from Life Skills with Miss C on Teachers Pay Teachers
All four standard US coins!

Sort images of the coins, front and back, numerical values with both the Cent symbol as well as the Dollar symbol, as well as the names of the coins.

Print it out, laminate it, and get your students to work!

Social Stories: Joining a Group from Laura Garabedian on Teachers Pay Teachers
Social Skills activity. Can be viewed as a PowerPoint slideshow to project and complete as group or printed for students to individually work on how to join groups.

Character Traits (free posters and graphic organizers!) from A Year of Many Firsts on Teachers Pay Teachers
Use these posters and printables to help teach your students all about character traits!




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