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Peter Rabbit Resources

FIAR: The Tale of Peter Rabbit from School Time Snippets
Peter Rabbit Resources
“Here comes Peter Cottontail… hoppin’ down the bunny trail… la la la la…. ” And you finish the song! I don’t know how the rest of it goes! As the title of this posting says, we recently rowed “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” by Beatrix Potter. Much of this row was conversational, but here is what I managed to add-in and take pictures of!

Colouring page
Peter Rabbit Resources
BMSG(S)’s World Breastfeeding Week Walkathon 1998

Colouring Contest Item

Tale of Peter Rabbit – Full Text for Coloring, with Writer Questions from Best Children’s Books Steve Ba
Peter Rabbit Resources
The Tale of Peter Rabbit was Beatrix Potter’s first and most beloved story. Now in the public domain, my version features all the original text, as well all the original illustrations re-formatted as coloring book art.

While Potter ushered in the modern picture book era, the book feels delightfully old school, with Potter’s gorgeously detailed illustrations and unique voice capturing a bygone era.

While the text and coloring can work for various grade levels, what I bring to the mix is my career as a writer, and so the questions that follow the text are geared towards children old enough to begin analyzing a story. I ask questions about

-the narrator
-character motivations
-the “rules” Ms. Potter applies to her fictional world

It’s all designed to stimulate discussion and analyze the nature of fiction. And of course there’s an Answer Key!

The tale of Peter Rabbit storybook from ComputerMice
Peter Rabbit Resources
A PowerPoint presentation of the classic story which can be projected for class read-alouds and group activities. Animated captioned video is also available. The story can be printed and made into a classroom reader. Common core skills can be addressed with this resource.

The tale of Peter Rabbit recall, writing prompts from ComputerMice
Peter Rabbit Resources
A PowerPoint presentation of the classic story which can be projected for class writing, recall, or retelling activities. The images can also be printed to provide prompts for writing activities. Common core skills can be addressed with this resource.

ELA Short and Extended Response Test Prep – Tale of Peter Rabbit from Ms Park
Peter Rabbit Resources
In this extended response practice, the short story “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” by Beatrice Potter is presented in its entirety, followed by two questions: one short response and one extended response. The questions are modeled after questions typical of the Grades 3-5 ELA response questions.

“The Tale of Peter Rabbit” is F&P Level L, with a Lexile measure of 660.

This is perfect to use for your test prep – as class work or for independent practice/homework!

Character Traits with The Tale of Peter Rabbit from Sensational Safari Teacher
Peter Rabbit Resources
I created this worksheet to help my students understand the three steps to identify a character trait for a character in a fiction story. This document should be used with the story, “The Tale of Peter Rabbit.”

Peter Rabbit Freebie from Crayons and Whimsy
Peter Rabbit Resources
This is a fun little freebie to use with the famous story of Peter Rabbit. There are two recording sheets available as well as a filled in chart.

How do you Plant a Garden – A Letter From Mr. McGregor from Mrs Spriggs Pond
Peter Rabbit Resources
That naughty Peter Rabbit has done it now! He has eaten all of the vegetables in Mr. McGregor’s garden. Mr. McGregor is so upset he cannot remember how to plant a garden. He has written this letter to your class asking for help!

This letter is a great start to any plant/farm unit.

When Peter Rabbit Went to School Flipbook from VintReads
Peter Rabbit Resources
All good little girls and good little boys know that Peter Rabbit lived with his Mother and his Uttle sisters, Flopsy, and Mopsy, and Cotton-tail, under the roots of a big fir tree at the edge of a great wood. It was a splendid house; just as jyj warm as toast in winter, and lovely and cool in summer. And, oh, myl what a happy family they were.

Peter Rabbit Writing from Alexandra Napp
Peter Rabbit Resources
Worksheet with storyboard to give students opportunity to write their own version of The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Peter Rabbit: A Short Play from Laura Goldstein
Peter Rabbit Resources
This is a script for a short (about five minutes) play of the story of Peter Rabbit. It is meant for grades K-2, and could be performed by older students for a young audience. There are eleven characters, and parts could be doubled for a smaller cast or split for a larger one.

This play is great for learning about the world and characters of Beatrix Potter, exploring story structure, gaining confidence as readers, speakers and performers, or just for a fun activity.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter from Erin Callahan
Peter Rabbit Resources
Projectable adaptation of The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter from Project Gutenberg ebook

Peter Rabbit Papercraft from
Peter Rabbit Resources
Peter Rabbit paper model created by 21th Century Papercraft, Peter Rabbit is based on English author, Beatrix Potter’s children’s book “The Tale of Peter Rabbit (published in 1902).

“Some Bunny” is a little bit crazy from Darling Doiddles Design
Peter Rabbit Resources
In honor of Mr. Bunnyman, some cute bunny themed art perfect for a little nursery. And your child probably won’t need counseling after seeing it.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit Unit Study & Lapbook Printables from Homeschool Share
Peter Rabbit Resources
Book and Lesson Themes
rabbits, Beatrix Potter, planning a garden, classic story, copywork,
listmaking, letter writing, England, family rules, garden tools, garden creatures

Play Games from Peter Rabbit Official Website
Peter Rabbit Resources

Peter Cotton Tail colouring pages from Colouring Pages ABC
Peter Rabbit Resources

Coloring page – Peter Rabbit from Kids n Fun
Peter Rabbit Resources

Peter Rabbit Flannel Board from Storytime and More
Peter Rabbit Resources




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