Freebie Friday Linkup: Pond Resources

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freebie friday 2015

Pond Resources

Pond Life Preschool Pack from Homeschool Creations
Pond Resources
Pond Life covers so many things that kids love: bugs, frogs and water! All links for both parts of the Pond Life Preschool Pack are below. Our favorite go-along books were All Eyes on the Pond and In the Pond.

Your preschooler will have fun learning and practicing basic skills such as counting with 1:1 correspondence, sorting by type, coloring do-a-dot pages, sorting by size, identifying words in a story, finding what is different in a picture, rhyming and more!

Pond Pack from 3Dinosaurs
Pond Resources
Pond Pack Update contains over 85 pages with some of the following:
(Part 1)3 Part Cards, Which One is Different, What Comes Next?, Pre-Writing Practice, Pattern Cards, Matching Cards, 4 Part Puzzles, four 10 Part Puzzles, Count and Circle, (Part 2) Beginning Sound, Pock Chart Cards, Beginning Sound Writing, Trace the Word, Write the Word, Size Sequencing, Writing, Trace & Color, Math Pages (Addition, Subtraction, Counting, Greater Than/Less Than), Sorting by Animal & Plant, Color by Size, Find the Fs, Lily Pad Addition, Color the Story (Jump Frog Jump), Label the Life Cycle of the Frog, Label the Animals, (Part 3) Color the Pattern, Fill in the Missing Pattern, Unscramble the Pond Words, Sort by Addition, Sort by Word Endings

Tot Pack contains 31 pages:
Basic Prewriting, 2 Part Puzzles, Trace the Shapes, Color the Frog book, Pond Matching, Dot the Letter, Lacing Cards, 9 Piece Puzzle, Tot Pages

Pond Blank:
3 Part Cards, Beginning Sound and Pocket Cards.

Pond & River Center Ideas from A Teaching Mommy
Pond Resources
This week, as you know, we are expanding our Pond & River Theme printables. I’ve found some fabulous ideas that can be used for independent centers.

Pond Life Tot Book from 1+1+1=1
Pond Resources
Free printables for tots and preschoolers with a POND LIFE theme!

Memory Verse Helps-Psalms 23:2-3 from A Teaching Mommy
Pond Resources
We use these Memory Verse Printables in addition to reading daily from our Jesus Storybook Bible. Once I print them out I laminate them with our laminator and keep them for future use. This also lets us use the pieces over and over again, which comes in really handy with the puzzles! If you don’t have a laminator I would put them on card stock, or use the Crayola Activity Center.

from A Teaching Mommy
Pond Resources
Here are some of the printables that MAY BE included in this unit:

Parts of a Duck
Patterns (ABAB and AABB)
Spin & Graph
Letter Sort
Writing Maze
Beginning Writing/Cutting Practice
Size Sort
Number Order Puzzle (1-10 and 11-20)
Spelling Puzzle
Count & Clip




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