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Letter H Resources

Preschool Letter Worksheets: H from Fun Ideas Learning
Letter H Resources
This week we are a bit early for Valentine’s day but I figured why do I need to wait until Valentine’s day to deal with the things of the heart? Today I will be sharing with you our preschool letter worksheets: h that I created. I started creating J’s preschool letter worksheets for her as she started scribbling letters anywhere and everywhere.

Free printable maze of the letter H from Print Activities
Letter H Resources

Free printable maze of the letter h from Print Activities
Letter H Resources

Humpty Dumpty Magnet Page from Making Learning Fun
Letter H Resources
To use a magnet page, begin by printing off the worksheet. Purchase circular whiteboard magnets. Have the children put the paper on a cookie sheet.

Alphabet coloring page from Raising our Kids
Letter H Resources

FREE Letter H mini reader from OWL Preschool on Teachers Pay Teachers
Letter H Resources
This is a letter H mini reader for young learners in black and white and full color options for print. It has a picture, the word, space for tracing letter h, and a second version with a short sentence… This is a …

Simple: Print, staple, and read!

This reader will go great with H letter of the week activity pack

Letter of the Week – No Prep Print and Go Bundle for the Letter H – 40 Pages from Danelle Karth’s Educational Resources on Teachers Pay Teachers
Letter H Resources
This bundle is offered free so that you can determine if the Print and Go, No Prep letter bundle is for you! It is a complete file with everything that you will get if you purchase other letters or everything you will get for each letter if you purchase a bundle. This bundle contains 22 activities on 40 pages for learning the letter H. It includes activities for learning recognition of both upper and lowercase letters, writing the letters, and beginning phonics.

Each activity has been designed so that you can print it off and use it without preparing it in any way. There are a variety of activities for coloring, writing, and more.

Abby Phonics – Kindergarten – The Letter H Series from AbbyExplorer on Teachers Pay Teachers
Letter H Resources

1) Word FlashCards: Learn each word and its spelling.
2) Spelling: Arrange the letters in the correct order to spell the image.
3) Writing: Write the word that you hear and/or see.
4) Sentences: Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
5) Matching: Match the words to their correct pictures.
6) Riddles: Choose the word that best answers the riddle.
7) Word Search: Find the words that correspond to each lesson.
8) Review: Choose the word that contains the letter that they just learned.

Letter H – Phonics from Bernadette Calabrese on Teachers Pay Teachers
Letter H Resources
Trace and write your own letter H. Then circle all the pictures which begin with the letter H, then draw your own!

Letter Maze: H from
Letter H Resources
Kids draw a path from the thirsty hippo to water by following the H’s in the letter maze. This worksheet helps kids recognize and name capital and lowercase letters. Kids also exercise thinking skills and fine motor skills as they navigate the maze.

Little Letter H Book: Rhymes & Songs from The Measured Mom
Letter H Resources
Here is another printable book of rhymes and songs – this time for the letter H!

Letter H printable: H is for Hearts from The Measured Mom
Letter H Resources
We’re working through the alphabet, starting with the letters that are easiest to write. So far we’ve done E, F, and H. This is the third of my dot sticker pages. Click on the link below the picture for your free letter H printable!

Harvest Time Emergent Readers from In all You do
Letter H Resources
Harvest time is in full swing here in Central-Southern Indiana and my kids absolutely LOVE the hayrides, pumpkins everywhere and watching the combines work their way through the fields. Today you can grab these ADORABLE Harvest Time Emergent Readers and Friday I will have a SUPER FUN Tot & PreK-K Pack to complete a sweet mini unit for your little ones.

Harvest Time Coloring Activities {free printables} from In all You do
Letter H Resources
You’ve probably noticed I’ve been absent the past few weeks. Truthfully, I just needed a break after being so sick with pneumonia and then activities at church – I’ve just been run down. I’m happy to say that I’m finally getting back to normal and have energy again.

Practice Tracing the Letter H from
Letter H Resources
The hat on this worksheet is not just for fashion: It’s to help your kid practice writing H! First, kids trace lines to practice the fine motor skills they need to form the letter H. Then, they trace the letter several times for practice. Finally, they trace the letter H twice in a phrase: Her Hat.

The Letter H: H is for Helicopter! from
Letter H Resources
Help your preschooler learn to read and write the letter H with this fun writing and coloring page. First he’ll build his writing skills by tracing the letter H, then color the soaring helicopter! Can he spot all the H’s on the page?

etter H Coloring Page from
Letter H Resources
This fun alphabet coloring page will have your child coloring a hoofing horse while learning the shape and sound of the letter H.

Learning the Alphabet – FREE Letter H Printable Pack from This Reading Mama
Letter H Resources
The activities you’ll find in our Letter Hh pack include a simple Letter Hh book and interactive games and printables to teach both upper and lower case, the sound of H and numbers 1-10. My extremely active {3 year old today!} has been the “tester” of all the activities.

Horse Preschool Printables from Mudpies & Makeup
Letter H Resources
Originally I had planned to expand H is for Hippo, but Olivia was sooo not interested in Hippos. It was only natural to make her a set with her favorite animal, horses!

Alphabet Lap~n~Note from created by Roni Bergerson, Lori Sloan, Jacquelyn Binger, Robin Diedrichs, and Kelly Cooper on Homeschool Share
Letter H Resources
Letter H




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