Freebie Friday ~ Letter T Resources

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Letter T Resources

Free Romping & Roaring T Pack from 3 Dinosuars

Romping & Roaring T Pack contains 47 pages:
Coloring Page, Color and Trace, Color Or Dot the Letters, Stamp Letters on the Picture, Decorate the Letter (or playdough mat), Prewriting Practice Lines, Prewriting Practice Working up to Letters With Start & Stop, Trace Letters Practice with Start & Stop, Trace Letter, Trace Letter Place, Trace with Arrows, Trace Letter with Lines, Color Upper Case & Lower Case, Color the Letters, Find the Letter, Dot the Letter Upper & Lower Case, Matching on Page, Roll & Count, Dot the Letters, Dot Letters and Image, Dot Letters Different Font, Shape Tracing Solid Line, Shape Tracing Dotted Line, Color Capitol Letter by Size, Color Lower Case Letter by Size, Color Image by Size, Upper Case Letter Maze, Lower Case Letter Maze, Upper & Lower Case Letter Maze, Color the Letter and Image Book, Color the Letter Book, Trace and Draw Book, Sort Upper & Lower Case, Sort by Size, Lacing Card, 2 part Letter & Image Puzzles, 4 part Puzzles, and 9 part Puzzles.

Toy Story Preschool Pack ~ Free Printables! from 1+1+1=1

Toy Story has been on my idea list for years, I actually started a simple Tot Book years ago and never finished it. It is finished now and way bigger than a small Tot Book! I am excited for all of you Toy Story fans out there to enjoy some learning fun with these Toy Story printables!

Tools Tot Pack from Our Little Monkeys

If you can’t tell from the pictures, here’s what you can download:

colors cards
shadow matching
size sequencing
finish the pattern cards – you can keep the sheets whole or cut around each patterning box and put these on a ring
letter finder
count and clip cards
shape matching
4 part puzzles
Race To The Toolbox game
color the hammer
circle the picture that is different

Letter T (Tiger) from We Love Being Moms

The tiger is the biggest species in the cat family.
Tigers like to hunt alone at night time.

Letter T from 1+1+1=1

Alphabet Puzzles

from Terry’s Touch on Teachers Pay Teachers

Using the cute turkey or tractor when introducing the letter T will be fun and memorable. Easy cut pieces and a black/white and color version are included.

5 Letter T Worksheets / Alphabet & Phonics Worksheets / Letter of the Week from Kelly Connors on Teachers Pay Teachers

With this set of Alphabet & Phonics Worksheets, you will get 5 differentiated alphabet worksheets. These worksheets would be perfect for morning work, homework or centers.

There are 4 different activities for each letter.

The activities are as follows:

1. Penmanship Worksheets – There are 2 different penmanship worksheets.

2. Uppercase and Lowercase Identification / Beginning Sound

3. Beginning Sound Identification – Draw 3 pictures that begin with the sound of the letter.

4. Writing Worksheet – Write a sentence using a word that begins with the sound of the letter. The sentence can be modeled for beginners.

Abby Phonics – Kindergarten – The Letter T Series from AbbyExplorer on Teachers Pay Teachers

1) Word FlashCards: Learn each word and its spelling.
2) Spelling: Arrange the letters in the correct order to spell the image.
3) Writing: Write the word that you hear and/or see.
4) Sentences: Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
5) Matching: Match the words to their correct pictures.
6) Riddles: Choose the word that best answers the riddle.
7) Word Search: Find the words that correspond to each lesson.
8) Review: Choose the word that contains the letter that they just learned.

Letter T Beginning Sounds Say It & Clip It Card from Shelley Bean Designs on Teachers Pay Teachers

You are downloading a free sample of my beginning sounds Say It & Clip It Cards.

Print and Laminate – Have student trace the uppercase T and lowercase t with their finger and make the letter sound. Use clothes pins to say each picture name beginning with /t/ sound and clip the picture with the clothes pin until whole card is complete.

Great way to reinforce letter recognition and sound retention 🙂




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