Freebie Friday ~ Butterfly Resources

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Butterfly Resources

Who doesn’t love butterflies? There are are so many butterfly resources out there, here I have shared just a fraction of what can be found online.

Free Life Cycle of a Butterfly Pack from 3Dinosaurs
Butterfly Resources
Life Cycle of a Butterfly Pack contains over 70 pages:
(Part 1) 3 Part Cards, Which One Is Different, What Comes Next?, Prewriting Practice, Pattern Cards, Matching Cards, 4 Piece Puzzles, 10 Piece Puzzles, Color by Size, Color the Life Cycle of a Butterfly, Roll & Count & tally, Count and Graph, Label the Life Cycle of the Butterfly, Find the Letter B, Trace the Letter B, C & E Print, Trace the Letter B, C & E Cursive, (Part 2) Beginning Sound, Wall Cards Print, Wall Cards Cursive, Trace Beginning Sound Print, Trace Beginning Sound Cursive, Trace the Word Print, Trace the Word Cursive, Write the Word, Size Sequencing, Size Sorting, Write a Sentence, Trace & Color, Place order for Butterfly Life Cycle, Butterfly Life Cycle Journal, (Part 3) Color the pattern, Fill in the Missing Pattern, Small Book – Butterfly, Compare the Butterflies

Tot Pack contains 32 pages:
Solid Line Prewriting, Dashed Line Prewriting, Which One is Different, 2 Piece Puzzles, Color the Butterfly by Color Book, Matching Cards, 9 Piece Puzzles, Match Page, Roll & Count , Shape Tracing, Lacing Cards

Butterfly Lapbook from Homeschool Share
Butterfly Resources
created by Molly Boulter and Ami Brainerd

This butterfly unit study covers many science concepts that are perfect for your elementary student–caterpillar diet, butterfly diet, butterfly lifecycle, pollination, butterfly defenses and predators, butterfly anatomy, moths, symmetry, and more!

The Butterfly from Homeschool Share
Butterfly Resources
Level 4 unit by Ami Brainerd and Celia Hartmann

Butterfly Color Words Activity from Made By Teachers
Butterfly Resources
Free spring butterfly coloring page. Students color the butterfly wings to match the words.

Free Romping & Roaring B Pack from 3 Dinosaurs
Butterfly Resources
Romping & Roaring B Pack contains 47 pages:
Coloring Page, Color and Trace, Color Or Dot the Letters, Stamp Letters on the Picture, Decorate the Letter (or playdough mat), Prewriting Practice Lines, Prewriting Practice Working up to Letters With Start & Stop, Trace Letters Practice with Start & Stop, Trace Letter, Trace Letter Place, Trace with Arrows, Trace Letter with Lines, Color Upper Case & Lower Case, Color the Letters, Find the Letter, Dot the Letter Upper & Lower Case, Matching on Page, Roll & Count, Dot the Letters, Dot Letters and Image, Dot Letters Different Font, Shape Tracing Solid Line, Shape Tracing Dotted Line, Color Capitol Letter by Size, Color Lower Case Letter by Size, Color Image by Size, Upper Case Letter Maze, Lower Case Letter Maze, Upper & Lower Case Letter Maze, Color the Letter and Image Book, Color the Letter Book, Trace and Draw Book, Sort Upper & Lower Case, Sort by Size, Lacing Card, 2 part Letter & Image Puzzles, 4 part Puzzles, and 9 part Puzzles.

Color by Number Butterfly FREEBIE from Kinder Craze
Butterfly Resources
Get ready for Spring with this Color by Number Butterfly Freebie!

Pre-K/Kindergarten: Life Cycle of a Butterfly from Teaching Little Learners on Teachers Pay Teachers
Butterfly Resources
~Life Cycle Poster (B/W and Color)
~Egg, Caterpillar, Chrysalis, Butterfly Word Cards
~Cut and Paste Life Cycle

FREE Butterfly Hundreds Chart Mystery Picture from Mrs Thompson’s Treasures on Teachers Pay Teachers
Butterfly Resources
⭐ This fun activity gives students practice with place value and recognizing colors and numbers on a hundreds chart.

⭐ Use the key to color in the boxes and reveal the butterfly hidden picture!

✅ The activity comes in 4 versions so you can differentiate as needed.

Life Cycle of a Butterfly FREEBIE Emergent Reader & Printables from Crystal McGinnis on Teachers Pay Teachers
Butterfly Resources
I created this emergent reader and other printables to use while I teach the life cycle of a butterfly. Enjoy!

Butterfly Preschool Printables from Preschool Mom
Butterfly Resources
Our butterfly resources are a beautiful addition to your thematic unit. You’ll find free printable butterfly life cycle charts, minibooks, sequencing cards, coloring pages, classroom projects and more! Learning about life cycles is a great way to jump-start some hands-on learning in the classroom. I highly recommend bringing in live caterpillars to study and learn from during your unit study. Use our Free Butterfly Theme Calendar to start planning your unit.




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