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Ever After High Resources

Once upon a High School, in a land beyond imagination, comes the tale of Ever After High. A High School for the next generation of fairytales. Where spellbinding students are destined (or not) to follow in the footsteps of their fairytale parents.

But one student, Raven Queen, does not want to follow in her mother’s villainous path. What if she wants to choose her own Happily Ever After, and how will it affect other students’ destinies, like the Royal leader Apple White?

Ever After High Printables, Books, Activities and More! from SKGalena
Ever After High Resources
Before watching/reading the stories of Ever After High check out the printables I found on the official Ever After High Website
Below you will find
8 stories
trading cards
and more.

Ever After High Coloring Pages from Woo Jr
Ever After High Resources
The Ever After High dolls come from the same creative bunch at Mattel – in fact some of the Ever After High characters are related to the Monster High characters. I started drawing these coloring pages many, many months ago, and I see that they have added quite a few characters to the web series since then. So if there are any characters you are really in love with and aren’t here, please leave a comment so that I can draw her/him for you! No promises on timing, but I do take requests seriously and try to prioritize them accordingly.

Ever After High Magic Cube from Ever After High
If you want to find out what’s in your heart’s secret desire you can now ask to the Ever After High “Magic Cube”.

Ever After High Fortune Teller from Ever After High
Ever After High team has given to all of us a great game which you can print out and play with your friends. Is the old game of the fortune teller which you sure have played so many times, but now with your favorite EAH characters!

Using this fortune teller, the most spellbinding EAH frinds will help you to find out your destiny. Isn’t that fun?

It comes with folding and how to play instructions.

Which EAH student is most like you? from Ever After High
Have you ever thought about which Ever After High student are you most like? If you are a natural-born leader you may be like Apple, or if you have a free spirit you may be like Madeline. But if you are an independent thinker and you think everyone should choose their own destiny you are quite like Raven Queen and if you like parties every day you must be like Briar Beauty.

Take the quiz on the official site to find out which one is like you. Click and enlarge the pics to print them out and hang the poster on your room!

Printable Locker Notes from Ever After High
What a beautiful day to start the day with these grateful messages from your friends. We can not deny that girls Ever After High are very good friends and we can use these notes share our feelings to ours and make the day a little bit happier. You also can use to give back a borrowed book or as a hanger note with a gift.

This four beautiful desgins are set in a letter page. Print them out with the best quality printer to get the best!

Mirrorpad Ever After High Invitation from Ever After High
Here we bring you a new Ever After High invitation for free. In fact, it is a Mirrorpad invitation, don’t you find it awesome! And the best of it is that you can customize all text!

Ever After High Cupcake Toppers from Ever After High
Are you planning a party? Maybe you would like to use this ever after high printable cupcake toppers we used for our Ever After High party. There are all the characters we have been knowing by now, heach one with its respective color.

Ever After High printable Christmas card from Ever After High
Ever After High Resources
Christmas are comming, they are very near!! We love to do different things every year and we are now thinking about what kind of gifts could we give to our family and friends.

This year we have decided to wish a merry Christmas to our mates with an Ever After High greeting card and the great thing is that it is personalised depending on they are Rebels or Royals.

Each one has its own Christmas card. Royals have the following wording: Merry Royal Xmas, and Rebels: Merry Rebel Xmas. We decided to include for both of them this encouraging and beautiful message: I wish you a Happily Ever After!!

Ever After High printable party invitation from Ever After High
Ever After High Resources
We have decided to start creating Ever After High Birthday invitations.

The following one can be printed in a letter size paper. You just need to print and cut it out, then fold it in the middle.

At the front cover you have the four main characters: Briar Beauty, Apple White, Raven Queen and Madeline hatter, so all your guests whether they are Royal or Rebel will like this invitation. At the back cover a encouraging and beautiful message is written: Believe in fairytales. Rewrite your destiny. Happily Ever After starts now! Dream




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