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We started on the Letter Land ( phonics today.  A – E.  We are going to carry on with the flash cards till he goes to his Dad in December for our summer holidays. I’m going to add 2 new sounds every day. He struggles a little with A, for some reason he gets it confused with D, but all he needs is practice. I’ve told him that for every day he does his phonics without me having to fight, he can get a smartie, so today its 5 smarties (5 cards = 1 smartie each). I’m going to have to get a big bag of smarties at this rate free smilies Once he knew there was going to be a reward for working hard, he was all for it.
I finally figured out that he needs something tangible to work towards.  I’ll start a  star or sticker chart for him in January.  Sweets aren’t always a good idea, esp for a child who doesn’t tolerate sugar love smileys