Montessori Information

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I got all this information from a fellow homeschooling mom and just had to share.

Here are some really useful Montessori inspired websites

Very expensive, but look at the pictures and see what you can replicate
Click on the product and they give an explanation (very useful)
They have a video bank showing you how to use the stuff
And look at the bottom of the page at their ideas bank
Also look at their “what is montessori”

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It is just for fun
Lots of really fun things to do and print
Finding their products, not so easy in South Africa, but other brands make similar products

Products only but have a look anyway

Lots of downloadable nomenclature cards
Not a bad price if only the Rand could be a bit stronger
Look first at the freebees.
They have the comprehensive lists; it is a basic curriculum that you tic off as your child is
1 introduced
2 practiced
3 mastered
It is the full list of everything they should do at that age group
I have the 6-9 and 9-12 an absolute must have

Their science a-z link is also fab
Lots of printing books, but then again cheaper than looking and buying
I know exactly what reading level they are on and work towards getting them where they should be.
Fun for them too as they can color in their own books
Worksheets for every book according to the level of the book/child

Lots of freebees
Lots of info
Montessori books for sale
Videos and a link to their shop

Free pintables
Lots of How To
Best prices overall

They link to most Montessori and other edu websites

Free printable samples
As soon as you subscribe all the ads go away
Very useful website

They have Montessori nomenclature cards
And a special needs section
Home schoolers too

This explains everything you might ever need for the preschoolers
Here they even explain why you are doing this
And it’s free!!!

Check the exchange rate for $19.95
They do have a few freebees