Freebie Friday ~ Letter Y Resources

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Letter Y Resources

Abby Phonics – Kindergarten – The Letter Y Series from AbbyExplorer on Teachers Pay Teachers
Freebie Friday

1) Word FlashCards: Learn each word and its spelling.
2) Spelling: Arrange the letters in the correct order to spell the image.
3) Writing: Write the word that you hear and/or see.
4) Sentences: Choose the word that best completes the sentence.
5) Matching: Match the words to their correct pictures.
6) Riddles: Choose the word that best answers the riddle.
7) Word Search: Find the words that correspond to each lesson.
8) Review: Choose the word that contains the letter that they just learned.

Letter Y as a Vowel Reading Activities from Smart ALEC Resources on Teachers Pay Teachers
Freebie Friday
This is a fun word study resource to explicitly introduce the “e” and “i” sounds of the letter y. Through these “detective” activities students can learn when Y says “e” and when Y says “i”.

Yappy Letter Y from Oh So Cute O’Flaherty on Teachers Pay Teachers
Freebie Friday
A printable worksheet for the letter “Yy.” Can be used as morning work or as review.

Prek Letter Y from Confessions of a Homeschooler
Freebie Friday
Welcome to the Letter Y week, where we’ll be having fun with Yarn!

Letter Y (Yak) from We Love Being Moms
Freebie Friday
You can find many resources here

Letter Y is for Yellow coloring page from Super Coloring
Freebie Friday

Letter Y worksheets for Preschool + Kindergarten from Fun with Mama
Freebie Friday
Join a yacht, a yoyo and a yam in this free Letter Y worksheets for preschool + kindergarten. Have you checked out all of our Free alphabet ABC Printable Pack ?

This pack has so many activities its basically all you need to have to help your child learn all about the letter Y. This pack has many different activities to help teach children the letter formation, letter recognition and the beginning sounds. There are pages that have space to help children practice writing the letter Y, building words that start with the letter y and so much more. We have even included printables for prewriting.

Letter Y Worksheets – Alphabet Series from Easy Peasy Learners
Freebie Friday
Time to work on letter Y? We think it is and we have a set of letter Y worksheets ready for you as a part of our alphabet worksheets series.

Y for Yellow from Walking by the Way
Freebie Friday
There are many Y for Yellow resources available on this page.




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