Back to “school”, back to reality

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Today we started back at “school” after a well deserved 2 week break. I have now added a new “subject” during our lessons, so our “school” day’s routine has changed a bit.

Our time table now looks like this:

Reading – Learn to Read in 100 Easy lessons
English Workbook
General Worksheet
Break for 10 minutes
Lapbook time
Maths workbook
Plain Mathematics

He has done so well today, I’m very impressed and proud of him. We started work on our Resurrection Eggs lapbook today, which he is thoroughly enjoying. He is still doing exceptionally well in his maths and breezed through the 4 worksheets he had to do today. As soon as he has finished these 2 books, we’ll go over onto Gr 2 workbooks.

What makes this week even more interesting, is that its a 3 day week. April 27th and May 1st are both public holidays *YAY for long weekends*