Back to “school”, back to reality

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We started school again yesterday and Noo is doing so well with his reading. He started on his first curriculum readers yesterday and read through 19 lessons and he did 21 lessons today. He is still doing very well with his math, though I see he is starting to battle with a few concepts, so we will be focusing some extra time on those concepts till he fully understand them.

I also reorganised the workboxes and storage today as we are now adding new activities this term.


Noo’s current time table. It starts with brushing his teeth and his day is then planned till lunch time at 12pm. We start lessens between 8:30 and 9am in the mornings.

1: Reading.
2: Writing.
3: Maths Work Book.
4: General Maths Work Book.
5: Lapbook.
6: Cricket practice. He gets bowling “homework” every Saturday.


Our Workboxes. Some of the shelves have a “Work with Mom” label, that is for work that he needs my assistance. Other shelves are just numbered, those are individual assignments.

I am thrilled to be back into our routine. The kids are thriving now that their days are full of learning and fun activities again. I think a 12 day break was too long for them, to be totally honest.