A typical day in our home

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I’ve inspired by my bloggy friend Alison to blog about our typical day…

Anytime from 5:30 ~ Koko and Fifi are up for the day

6:30 ~ I get up, have my only cup of coffee and get the two littlies dressed

7:00 ~ Noo wakes up and gets dressed

7:30 ~ Start breakfast and start waking Papa Steve up

8:00 ~ Papa Steve is up eating breakfast then goes to get ready for work

8:30/9 ~ Papa Steve leaves for work

9:00 ~ Circle time starts and then school lessons

10:00 ~ Snack time and 15 min break then back to school lessons

12:00 ~ Lunch and an hour break

13:00 ~ Preschool lessons with Koko start and usually finish between 14:00 and 15:00 (during this time, Noo has his PC time)

15:00 ~ Snack time

15:00 – 16:00 ~ Free play outside

16:00 – 17:30 ~ Kids allocated TV time

17:30 ~ Fifi and Koko in the bath, Noo plays outside and I start dinner

18:30 ~ Dinner Time

19:00/19:30 ~ Noo goes to bath and the littlies start winding down for the night, Fifi is usually asleep by 19:30

19:30 ~ Papa Steve will be home anytime from now till midnight and I start cleaning the kitchen and living room areas

20:00 ~ Noo goes to bed and I watch a little TV and get some PC time in if Papa Steve isn’t home yet

10:00 ~ I’m in bed sleeping anytime from now till 2am (thanks to periodic insomnia)

11:00 ~ Papa Steve’s in bed by then if he isn’t working late