First, Official, Day of School

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IMG20130109055_zps5b191e12 photo IMG20130109055_zps5b191e12.jpg
Doesn’t he look dashing in his school uniform

Noo started public school today. I was very nervious and apprehensive during the day. Half expecting a call from the school that he was not coping and that I’d made a huge mistake. I started pacing and watching the clock from 11, convinced that my father-in-law wasn’t going to find him and he was going to come home. BUT, he got home safe and sound and loved his first day and has already made a new friend. He is excited to go back tomorrow and already has homework.

He said it was nice, but that the children in his class talk to much and that he battles to hear the teacher. He says its incredibly irritating 🙂


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