Foodie Friday~Week 1: Valentines Day

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This week I made the kidlets special Valentines Day lunches.

Noo got 2 heart sandwiches with lettuce, cheese, tomato and ham with little love candies on top, heart chocolates in mini heart shaped muffin cups, savoury biscuits and heart shaped cocktail tomatoes each in their own muffin cups.
 photo 382311_10151522340147754_746100035_n_zpsa2b3cd0e.jpg

Koko and Fifi got hotdogs with hearts of tomato sauce traced on the top, heart shaped cheese (I love my mini cookie cutters) and a heart chocolate. Pixie got a sausage and heart shaped cheese.
 photo 404897_10151522948142754_925127669_n_zps6ac5cf52.jpg


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