How Do I Teach a Subject Out of My Comfort Zone? Part 2 ~ Understanding My Limitations

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How do I teach a subject out of my comfort zone?

How do I Teach series

When I started homeschooling Noo 5 1/2 years ago, I was comfortable with all the subjects. Then he started Grade 4 and I realised that I couldn’t teach him mathematics in a way he understood and my patience was wearing thin and we were both incredibly frustrated with the situation. This was not helping either of us and we had to reach some sort of level ground so that he could learn and I could teach. Mathematics had been his favourite subject and I didn’t want to kill his love for the subject. I had to change me!

I had to understand my limitations where it comes to teaching and why I have an aversion to doing and teaching mathematics. I had a fantastic mathematics teacher in grade 4, Mrs H, and though I struggled with the subject and really didn’t grasp the concepts the first time round, I eventually got them with her guidance and loving manner. Then I went to grade 5 and that all changed. I had a new teacher, Mrs X, and she was the total opposite to Mrs H and didn’t go out of her way to help those who really struggled and made us feel like we were absolute morons. That’s where my aversion to mathematics began.

Going through the mathematics curriculum for Noo’s grade 4 had me in cold sweats, panic and suffering from anxiety. I didn’t want to kill his love for learning the subject and project my hate for the subject, but I also didn’t want to teach him the wrong way. That was my problem, I was worried that I couldn’t do it and I didn’t know how to.

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