How Do I Teach a Subject Out of My Comfort Zone? Part 4 ~ Planning

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How do I teach a subject out of my comfort zone?

How do I Teach series

If you are teaching a subject that’s out of your comfort zone, planning each lesson is extremely important. Going through each lesson and making sure you understand what you need to teach, what manipulatives you may require and how you need to direct your student. “Winging it” while you yourself aren’t comfortable is a recipe for disaster. This is a very hard lesson to learn.

While planning Noo’s mathematics lessons in particular, I followed the following sequence:

  • Go through each lesson thoroughly
  • Make the necessary notes (I put my notes on the weekly planner so that I don’t loose them) and ask for help if necessary
  • Set out the necessary manipulatives for each day in advance
  • Go through your notes before the start of each lesson to refresh yourself on what needs to be done
  • Relax, you are well prepared for the lesson

Please be sure to pop in tomorrow to read more about “implementation”.


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