Homeschool Ice Skating Social!

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We attended our first Homeschool Ice Skating Social at our local ice rink. Koko and Fifi loved it. They did really well for their first time on the ice. We will definitely be going to the monthly socials from now on. I’ll find a sitter for Pixie though, I’d love to get on the ice with the kids without having to worry about her.

Waiting for the ice rink to open
 photo 20130913_085227_zps65acacd2.jpg
 photo 20130913_085234_zps0e30d8fa.jpg

First time on the ice
 photo 20130913_091246_zpsa59fa081.jpg
 photo IMG_20130913_112115_zpseb45580d.jpg photo IMG_20130913_110648_zps4d55d6e1.jpg

Pixie snacking while the kids are on the ice. She was soaking wet and LOVED it, LOL.
 photo 20130913_100547_zps1d823029.jpg

She eventually passed out on the stroller (note, no pants. She’d been playing in the water around the rink, brrr)
 photo IMG_20130913_111602_zps972cdf17.jpg

By the time we got home the kids were bushed and slept for a solid 3 hours that afternoon.
 photo 20130913_144015_zps01721c6d.jpg