Soccer Fun!

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We are in our third year of Soccer Fun. This group was put together by my very good friend Alison, her sister Julia and brother-in-law Leon. Coach Leon is a fantastic soccer coach and brilliant with the children. Both Noo and Koko are coached by Coach Leon. Koko is the youngest in the older group (6 – 13yr olds).
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Fifi is in the little class (for 3 – 6 yr olds) where they focus on gross motor skills. It’s great fun and she looks forward to her “soccer” practice every week with Aunty Alison and Aunty Julia.
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They all look forward to their weekly soccer practice and I get to spend some time in adult company of both homeschool and mainstream school parents. Papa Steve and all the other dads and some moms play soccer with the kids too. I think the dad’s have more fun than the kids, LOL. Its awesome to see parents so involved in this activity. Its a GREAT family sporting morning. We have a lovely group of kids, and adults, who participate on a weekly basis.

I don’t play, yet, Pixie is still to little to participate, though she’ll be joining in soon (I suspect she’ll start really participating in the new year).
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We are usually at an indoor arena, but since they are currently hosting the Action Cricket World Cup, we have spent the last 2 weeks at the soccer pitch at the local park. Here are a few pics of the big kids on the pitch and the little kids on the grass. Koko did so well playing goalie that he was man of the match!!!

Should you need any additional information on enrolling your children in this fantastic extramural (Randburg and surrounding area residents), please email Alison.