Koko, Fifi and Pixie’s vacation ~ Week 3

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The kids are finally home. This is a rather photo heavy post with everything they got up to this last week with Nanny.

Pixie fell asleep on the floor, behind my mother’s chair, drawing.
 photo IMG-20131118-WA0001_zpsacd98e3a.jpg

Koko helped Uncle Giel in the garden the whole day and Pixie “supervised” after naptime.

 photo IMG-20131118-WA0005_zpse8680d28.jpg

Pixie decided that “Unca” Giel needed a walk around the garden.
 photo IMG-20131115-WA0005_zps694bdd9b.jpg

Nanny got the kids each a lolly at the little farm store down the road. How did she keep them clean? She filled a bucket full of water for the to “swim” in, LOL.
 photo IMG-20131118-WA0030_zps3a0bc78d.jpg
 photo IMG-20131118-WA0013_zpsbd38208e.jpg
 photo IMG-20131118-WA0034_zps8cc15e1b.jpg

The kidlets got more clothes from Nanny, so they gave us an impromptu fashion show via whatsapp. Koko is such a silly boy, LOL.
 photo IMG-20131118-WA0048_zps191562a8.jpg
 photo IMG-20131118-WA0046_zps2b051e2e.jpg
 photo IMG-20131118-WA0044_zps538ad9d1.jpg
 photo IMG-20131118-WA0050_zps8964804a.jpg
 photo IMG-20131118-WA0054_zps38e7de38.jpg

The kidlets have been treated by sleeping in the bed with Nanny. This is the scene she woke up to one morning ♥

 photo IMG-20131119-WA0000_zps78c2b6bd.jpg

Pixie was stung by a bee. Fortunately she’s not allergic, but she did learn a very important lesson. Don’t play with bees.

 photo IMG-20131120-WA0000_zps56e8f056.jpg

On the way home on Friday, they stopped by “Grampa” Uncle Neil’s house and met up with my middle brother (I have three brothers in total, I’m the second child) for dinner. They also slept over there. We collected them from my aunt’s home on Saturday.
 photo IMG-20131122-WA0004_zps278b6710.jpg

Fifi found snails in the garden. Ewww!

 photo IMG-20131122-WA0002_zpsbea1247d.jpg