What’s in the Workbox Wedensday #1 ~ Koko’s Workboxes

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Koko currently has 9 workboxes. Our routine pretty much stays the same every day, with slight variations during the week.

He currently has a mix of blue and pink drawers. I am waiting for the supplier to get their stock in so I can go get two more blue sets (3 drawers per set) for Koko and 3 pink sets for Fifi.

 photo 20140415_160024_zpsj62w6dbp.jpg

This is what he has in his workboxes today:

On top of the workboxes, is his pencil box with all his stationery
 photo IMG_7850_zpsc740286d.jpg

Box 1
Clonard: Reading Book 4
 photo IMG_7853_zpsbd93c737.jpg

Box 2
Clonard: Writing Sheet
 photo IMG_7854_zps0cd2b420.jpg
Box 3
Daddy and Momma’s contact numbers worksheet
 photo IMG_7855_zpsa91eedfb.jpg

Box 4
Clonard: Maths Workbook
 photo IMG_7856_zps9a5169c9.jpg

Box 5
Clonard: Maths Worksheets & Manipulatives
 photo IMG_7857_zps29557857.jpg

Box 6
Clonard: Simply Maths
 photo IMG_7858_zpsf03cf712.jpg

Box 7
Clonard: English Workbook
 photo IMG_7859_zps782cdecc.jpg

Box 8
Group activity with Fifi
Science: 5 Senses
 photo IMG_7860_zpsb5fa4971.jpg

Box 9
Story time for Fifi and Pixie
Narration: The Story of Cars
 photo IMG_7861_zps7cb1e226.jpg

I’m still in the process of purchasing Fifi’s workboxes. Her boxes will feature as soon as they have arrived and have been set up. I will also be featuring Pixie’s Tot Trays from time to time.




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