Montessori Madness Roundup

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In this week’s Montessori Madness post, we are going to have a quick look at all the Montessori Madness posts to date.

1. Resource Directory
I am a member of a Facebook group called Montessori Moms (link below the post) and these mommas have the most amazing list of resources that were just begging to be put into one, easily accessible, place. Click HERE to read more.

2. DIY Montessori Ideas
Fellow Montessori Momma, Joanita, sent me this great email with all the DIY Montessori items she has made and implemented for her beautiful daughter, Daniela. Click HERE to read more

3. 11 Favourite “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” Online Resources
We L.O.V.E. the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We have spent the last month exploring this book and I have found the most amazing online resources that I just have to share with you all. Click HERE to read more.

4. DIY Montessori Roundup
Being an, unintentional, Montessori Mom, I’ve often found that the Montessori equipment can be rather pricy. I have scoured high and low for tutorials on DIY Montessori materials and this is what I have Found on the net. Here are so many great resources out there, you just have to know where to look. Click HERE to read more.

5. How do I Montessori at home without breaking the bank?
This is a question that gets asked many times by “newbies” to the Montessori method. In the beginning I found this question difficult to ask, HOWEVER, in my research over the years, I have found the following: Click HERE to read more.

6. Practical Life Tasks and Activities
One of the points I made in last week’s post, How do I Montessori at home without breaking the bank?, was “Montessori is a way of life”. This week I’m going to share simple and practical tasks you can have your child do around the house to help teach responsibility. Click HERE to read more.

7. Montessori Space at Home
We live in a small town house. Our school area is in our living room and is tiny and as a result, I’ve had to modify our Montessori space quite significantly. We had a little shoe shelf that I converted into a tray shelf for the girls to share. It was too small so I added a small 2 tier wooden shelf on wheels (it used to stand in our bedroom with a TV on it). Click HERE to read more.

8. Astronomy Resources
Koko wants to be an ASTROPHYSICIST when he grows up and has shown tremendous interest in Astronomy. At first I didn’t know what resources to provide him since he is only 7, but he has read his Space Fact book from cover to cover numerous times. Click HERE to read more.

9. DIY Threading Activities
I saw this great threading activity a while ago and decided to make it for Pixie. It is easy to make. This makes a perfect threading activity for Montessori trays. Click HERE to read more.

10. Sewing Kits and Trays
I’ve made Fifi a sewing basket with different shapes (the same shapes I used for Pixie’s silly straw threading activity, with a few modifications. Click HERE to read more.

11. Play Dough Trays
Pixie struggles terribly with insomnia and its not unheard of for her to be up till 2 in the morning. She shares a bedroom with Fifi and to keep her from waking her during a bad sleeping period (which can last up to a month) I keep her with me in the living room. A few weeks ago, we decided to start her on a regimen of homeopathic remedies to help her sleep, its slow going, but she slept through for 2 nights in a row! Click HERE to read more.

12. What is a Light Table?
What is a light table? A light table is an illuminated table, panel, or box. They are used for learning and exploring different educational toys and materials, as therapy for autistic, sight impaired and other special needs children, for artists to draw and trace on, for Doctors to view X-Rays, and widely used as an educational staple in Reggio Emilia based schools. ~ Kristen from Caution! Twins at Play. Click HERE to read more.

13. Montessori Inspired Bedrooms
I would LOVE to create Montessori Inspired Bedrooms for the kidlets. However, space is a huge issue right now with 2 children each sharing a small bedroom. I have found the most amazing inspiration on the internet and will be using some of these awesome ideas if and when the opportunity presents itself. Click HERE to read more.




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