Happy Birthday Fifi!

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To our special daughter
From the moment you were born,
We knew what love was really about.
We loved you more than anything,
Beyond a shadow of a doubt.
The bond we felt was unbreakable
And instantly we knew,
That we would spend eternity
Thanking god for our miracle….you.
Time has quickly passed us by,
And now you’re quite a little lady
But in our eyes you will always be,
Our precious little baby.
One day in the future,
God will bless you with a miracle too.
Then you know the depth of love,
That we will always have for you.
We will be here for you always,
Forever and a day.
Loving you unconditionally,
Every step along the way.

Happy Birthday!

Fifi had a fantastic day today. She was spoilt rotten. We started off the day with a breakfast at our favourite family restaurant with Papa, spent the day shopping, eating ice-cream with Grampa and ending the day off with a movie night!

 photo 20150204_070613_zps8j4ylplc.jpg

 photo 20150204_070731_zps4ylqnf4w.jpg

 photo 20150204_080752_zpspg14o4mo.jpg

 photo 20150204_113625_zps0fbl3hsd.jpg

 photo IMG_20150204_115456nopm_zpsw10rxmwe.jpg

 photo 20150204_120507_zpsbtne9lwf.jpg

 photo 20150204_120925_zpsz8zotvhk.jpg

 photo IMG_20150204_133727_zpszzlye5tl.jpg

She got loads of Friends Lego (her new favourite thing) (Vet Ambulance, Olivia’s Garden Pool, Stephanie’s New Born Lamb and Andrea’s Bedroom), hair clips, a pretty ring and bought herself the new Barbie Princess Power doll with the money she received.

She is taking her best friends to the movies to watch the new Paddington Bear movie and an ice cream to celebrate on Saturday. She has declared this the best birthday ever <3 monstered_sig



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