My Parenting Fail

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My Parenting fail

Sometimes, as full time parents, we neglect to notice things that should be red flags. I missed a big one with Koko. If Papa Steve hadn’t commented that he was concerned about his reading lately, I would never have picked up that there is possibly a problem with his eyes.

I finally took him to see an optometrist on February 1st to have his eyes tested. 5 Minutes into the eye test, the power went out, just as the optometrist was closing his right eye to test the left. The poor little man got the fright of his life, thinking his left eye had gone blind. Poor thing was rather distressed for a second before he realised that it was just a power failure.
After the power had been restored, the test continued and the discovery that he has an astigmatism in both his eyes, his eye sight is rather bad and he now requires full time spectacles.
Trust your gut, if you suspect that your child may have an issue, before going to see a specialist, have his, or her, eyes tested to eliminate the eyes before jumping to conclusions. I had many a sleepless night worrying about his reading and it turns out that is was purely the fact that he really couldn’t see.

And so we live and we learn, Fifi will be going to have her eyes tested next month. Holding thumbs that her eyes are OK.




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