Freebie Friday Linkup: Lalaloopsy Resources

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Lalaloopsy Resources

Crafts from Lalaloopsy
Here are tons of downloadable and printable crafts available for free on the Lalaloopsy official website.

The Best Lalaloopsy Dolls Coloring Pages from Hubpages
What’s so special about Lalaloopsy ? These magical dolls are made of special rags/clothes that give each dolls its unique character and personality. The dolls hair are quite silly that bends and comes in different color such as yellow, pink, blue, etc. It could be the colorful, button eye and oversized head or the cute little pet of each Lalaloopsy’s character are the main attraction of these popular dolls.

You could be have a collection of Lalaloopsy dolls or your children could be their big fan. Here is Lalaloopsy coloring pages to print and color. They are fun to collect too. Learn about different personality and diversity through Lalaloopsy coloring pages. Lalaloopsy coloring books also are available for purchase on Amazon or Ebay.

Jewel Sparkles Maze from Nick Jr
Kids guide Jewel through the maze to get back to her pet

Lalaloopsy Stickers from Nick Jr
Print these stickers on sticker paper and cut around the dotted lines to customize notebooks, cards, and more!

Lalaloopsy Doll Coloring Pages from Cartoon Jr
My youngest daughter is seriously in love with Lalaloopsy dolls – I think she has three or four of them the last time I checked. At age 9, she should be getting a little old for dolls like this, but not my girl – she went crazy about these Lalaloopsy coloring pages! Before I could even get them all finished she had already colored one and made it into a birthday card for her cousin last week! Since my other doll coloring pages are some of the most popular on this site, I figured these would be a good addition to this category! Looks like the Ember Flicker Flame and the Coral Sea Shell dolls are top sellers on the toy sites, too!

Lalaloopsy Printables from 1+1+1=1
I have been asked a LOT if I would make Lalaloopsy printables and I have never done it because Ladybug showed no interest. Recently that all changed. I don’t even know where she saw them recently or what is different, but she thinks they are adorable now. Not obsessed, which is a good thing, there’s way too many to buy…although I was pretty Strawberry Shortcake obsessed as a kid! She asked if we could have a Lalaloopsy week and I knew it was time to create the printables for her and for many of you who wanted these!

Lalaloopsy from Nick Jr
Here are tons of free videos, games and printables.




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