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Grandparents Day Resources

When I Am Old With You from Made for 1st Grade
Students can write about some of the special people in their life and what they would want to do with them if they could be old with them.

Grandparents Day Resources from LMN Tree
Grandparents are special people. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about my grandfather who was the sweetest and kindest man and who was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to. When I taught in Alaska we had a program called “Grandparents in our Schools” where Seniors helped teachers and students several times a week. We were fortunate to have 2 wonderful “grandpas”. Many of you teach in Title I schools where many of your students come from single parent homes or dysfunctional ones and these “grandpas” filled a much needed void that was missing in their lives. The Sunday after Labor Day is the day we celebrate Grandparents and I wanted to share some great resources for celebrating it in your classrooms.

Grandparent’s Day from A Kids Heart
Here are tons and tons of activities for Grandparent’s Day.

Grandparents Coloring Page from Coloring Page

Questions for interviewing a Grandparent from Legacy Project
5 from Shari Beck on Teachers Pay Teachers
Grandparents Day Activity – Grandparent’s Day is celebrated on September 7, 2014, so spend the next week showing your students how to honor their grandparents by studying their unique heritage from their grandparents. They will determine the various traits they have inherited and customs and traditions which have been passed down to them from both sides of their family. They can build a model of a grandparent to show clothes of a particular type of heritage to share with the rest of their class.

This activity packet includes a cover and page for a mini-book or card that can be given to Grandparents to honor them, even if it is after Grandparent’s Day. The focus is on inherited traits and/or traditions from grandparents so that students can learn to understand and appreciate the differences of others. The activity can be incorporated as a social studies activity as a study of cultures where students can be assigned the task of completing a clothespin figure representing their heritage and then share it with the class.

Grandparent’s Day from FirstGradeFunTimes on Teachers Pay Teachers
Grandparent’s Day
Quick Writes

Grandparent’s Day 2015 is September 13th!

We use these as weekly quick writes for morning work. After we spend some time working on answering in complete sentences, students are able to write one or two sentences to quickly respond to the prompts. Students get these on Monday and keep them in their writing folders. I collect them on Friday. They keep a writing rubric in their writing folders so they know what I am looking for and what will be graded each month.

THIS QUICK WRITE PACK is a SPECIAL EDITION for Grandparent’s Day. There is one week of quick writes, directly relating to Grandparent’s Day, BUT you are given several choices.
There are choices for: Grandparents, Grandma and Grandpa

Hope your kiddos and the Grandparents in their lives enjoy the fun Freebie!

Grandparent’s Day from Practice Makes Perfect on Teachers Pay Teachers
Grandparent’s Day. Looking for a super cute and easy Grandparent’s Day gift. Look no further! This Grandparent’s Day gift is sure to melt a grandparent’s heart as he/she reads the card/booklet that tells about him/her. To top it off, there is a cute Grandparent’s Day Craftivity coupon booklet and a World’s Best Grandparent ribbon your students can cut out and assemble to give to their Grandparent(s) along with the card. This makes a great addition to anyGrandparent’s Day activities you are already doing, or it can stand on its own as a card and gift.

In this download, you will get:
*Directions for assembly
*the pieces to make the card
*black and white words included
*the coupons and cover to make the coupon booklet
*the pieces to make the ribbon award

Grandparents’ Day from Jessica Tobin on Teachers Pay Teachers
Grandparent’s Day FREEBIE

Here is a one page (with different boy/girl options) craft to use for Grandparent’s Day! You will print how many boy or girl pages you need, let the students color, cut, and glue a card for their Grandparents’. The middle of the craft involves students tracing or painting their hand and putting a heart right in the middle.

Six Options:
-I Love My Grandparents (for boy)
-I Love My Grandparents (for girl)
-I Love My Grandmother (for boy)
-I Love My Grandmother (for girl)
-I Love My Grandfather (for boy)
-I Love My Grandfather (for girl)

Grandparents Day from TNBCreations on Teachers Pay Teachers
Grandparents Day: This FREE printable card is a perfect way to make grandparents feel special on Grandparents Day!

In this product you will receive a printable page that contains a card to be cut out and folded. Card is approximately 3.5×4.5 inches. Students or teachers can cut out and fold the card, and students can write in it and decorate! Such a cute gift for grandparents!

Grandparent’s Day from Kile’s Classroom on Teachers Pay Teachers
Grandparent’s Day Activity
A fun way for students and grandparents to compare their lives and have a keepsake to take home after their time together!

This set includes both a black/white and color version

Grandparents Day from WentworthWisdom on Teachers Pay Teachers
Grandparents Day: Show Grandma and Grandpa how much you love them with these fun Grandparents Day activities. Have students write their grandparents notes for the fridge with a note template. Also have students interview their grandparents with a fun grandparents day interview printable! Grandparents and students alike will love this activity.



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