Popsiebelle Toothfairy Pillow Product Review

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Toothfairy Pillow

We were recently sent the Toothfairy Pillow & 4 Card Pack for Girls to review and we have been waiting, not so, patiently for Fifi to loose a tooth so we could give it a spin.Toothfairy Pillow

The Toothfairy Pillow comes with 4 adorable little cards that you complete with details of the tooth.
Toothfairy PillowToothfairy Pillow
Your child can write a note, or draw a picture if they are still little, on the inside to the Toothfairy.

Fifi wrote:

Hello Tooth Fairy. My name is *******. I like you so much. You make me happy. Bye-bye

Tape the tooth to the inside of the note, with your child’s message. Hide the note for the Toothfairy inside the back pocket of the pillow. Its a great keepsake for their memory box.
Toothfairy Pillow
Fifi was super excited that she was the first one to use the new Toothfairy pillow. She was even more excited to give the pillow a snuggle, but was a little scared that she would loose the tooth in the process.

Pixie is nox a tad bit impatient to start loosing her teeth so she can also try and catch a glimpse of the Toothfairy.

There is the cutest little poem on the back pocket of the tooth shaped pillow:

I have a tooth shiny and bright
I have a tooth that likes to bite
I have a tooth that likes to be clean
I use my toothbrush to make it shine and gleam

In addition to the adorable little Toothfairy pillow and 4 card pack, we also received a Window Whales Large Bag that I use to cart my laptop around when I have meetings.
Window Whales Large Bag
Pixie also adores the bag and loves to pack it full of toys when we are off somewhere. There’s a bit of a tug-and-war thing going on between us for the bag 🙂 I’ll have to get her a smaller one for her birthday!