7 Reasons Why Traveling Is The Best Form Of Education

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Through traveling, you’ll learn a lot while having fun at the same time

One of the best ways of getting an education is through traveling. It enables you to learn new things while having fun at the same time Travel can affect career choices. One survey revealed that 70% of millennials mentioned the desire to travel as a reason to work.

Below are 7 reasons why traveling is the best form of education:

1. You Learn Different Cultures
Whenever you travel, you get to learn more about other cultures and their way of life. Learning about other cultures in class won’t be as interesting as learning first hand from the people from a particular culture. According to one research, 86% of millennials mentioned experiencing a new culture as a motivating factor for traveling.

Culture is not concentrated on lifestyle only. You get to know more about the different types of food and etiquettes. Moreover, you get to know the things that various cultures have in common. Your understanding of different cultures plays a crucial role in your education.

2. You Learn History
You’ve probably learned about the different historical events and civilizations in class. However, nothing beats visiting various historic sites and getting to know more about a city’s culture and history.

When you walk through the streets and visit national museums, you get to know more about that country’s history. Learning more about various dynasties, conflicts and changes will be much easier when you get to visit a particular country than just learning about that country in class.

Moreover, the history learned from textbooks is sometimes distorted. Talking to the locals will enable you to get accurate information. It will also give you a different perspective.

3. You Acquire Social Skills

Social skills are crucial to our existence here on earth. Traveling exposes us to various scenarios that will assist in growing our social skills, for instance, asking the locals for direction.

Traveling on your own to a particular place will enable you to improve your social skills more than going to class to take up a course on personal development. Most of us lack skills in public speaking and conversation, thus, limiting many opportunities for us. Constant travel will enable you to master these important skills.

4. You Learn More About Nature


You’ll learn more about Mother Nature

When you get out of your comfort zone and venture out into the world, you will get to witness some of the most majestic scenes that Mother Nature has to offer. You’ll be able to enjoy nature’s grandeur first hand.

Understanding nature is central to solving some of the issues of the world, for instance, climate change, and water and air pollution. When we get to see firsthand what we are going to lose if we do not change the way we interact with the environment, then, dealing with these issues will be much easier.

Therefore, instead of spending a lot of money on conferences, send the people to some of the most exotic forests, mountains and plains of the world.

5. You Learn New Languages
It’s always good to learn the native language of the place that you intend to visit. In a way, traveling forces you to do so.
After learning the basics of a language via videos, books, etc, you will learn more when you interact and speak with the native speakers. Through putting your language education to use, traveling improves your listening and speaking skills.

Traveling is the ideal way of mastering a language, even if you’ve studied it in class. When you travel, you not only test your language skills in a real-world scenario, but you also get to learn that language’s slang, accent and intonation.

6. You Learn New Technologies


You’ll come across new technologies

Technological advancements vary from country to country. Different countries have different kinds of technologies.

The difference in technology is clear to see in developed and developing countries (and also in urban and rural areas within a particular country). Whenever you travel to a different place, you might come across some new technology. The technology used in a given place serves to solve a particular problem in that locale, and it might also be of importance to you.

7. You Become Independent
Traveling alone to a new place can be scary. However, it will help you to become independent. Traveling on your own exposes you to scenarios that require you to make quick decisions. You develop skills on how to keep yourself safe.

Independence is crucial to succeeding in your education and your survival out there.

Traveling to new places will expose you to new things while at the same time enable you to have fun. Many who have traveled attest to having learned a lot. Also, when carrying out some research, say, on an ancient civilization, traveling to actual sites where their cities, dwellings or temples have been excavated is much more engaging and interesting. Doesn’t this make you want to pick research topics that will require traveling?


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