Freebie Friday ~ Grade 12 Resources

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Grade 12 Resources

In this series of Freebie Friday Posts, I’m sharing Grade specific freebies. I often see posts online asking for grade specific printables and resources. This week we are focusing on Grade 12 resources.

FREE Shakespeare Biography QR Codes from Presto Plans on Teachers Pay Teachers
Grade 12 Resources
FREE SHAKESPEARE BIOGRAPHY QR CODES: Transport your students back to Renaissance England using modern technology! This assignment has students use QR codes as a method of research for Shakespeare’s life and times.

Free Iambic Pentameter Shakespeare Lesson and Activity from Love and Let Lit on Teachers Pay Teachers
Grade 12 Resources
Teach students the basics of Iambic Pentameter with this FREE resource! After an introduction to iambic pentameter, students practice marking lines in writing, and then do an interactive activity called “living iambic pentameter lines.” This versatile resource can be used with any Shakespeare play!

I Am Poem for High School Creative Writing FREEBIE from It’s Lit Teaching on Teachers Pay Teachers
Grade 12 Resources
Looking for an easy back-to-school or getting-to-know-your activity? Are you introducing poetry to your students? Even if you’re just looking for a way to break up your regular routine without sacrificing rigor and teaching time, this FREE “I Am” Poem Activity will be a great addition to your teaching calendar!

This is a complete lesson–lesson plan, handout, and PowerPoint slideshow–for teaching and guiding high school students through writing an I Am poem. This is a simple poem, perfect for building confidence in young writers and giving students who “don’t know what to write about” a place to start.

The slideshow introduces two literary terms (line and stanza), which are reviewed in the worksheet. The slideshow also provides an EDITABLE slide for you to add in your own I am poem–a great way to build relationships with your students and show them that is ok to share writing out loud.

Macbeth Interactive Games & Activities from Room 213 on Teachers Pay Teachers
Grade 12 Resources
Bring life to Shakespeare with six different activities and games, designed to get your students thinking, moving and having fun!

Students can demonstrate their knowledge of Macbeth and get their creative juices flowing. The activities can be used at several points in the play and take about 30 minutes each.

Climate Change Using NASA Imagery from Doc’s Stuff on Teachers Pay Teachers
Grade 12 Resources
Students will explore and understand the impact of climate change on our world in this quick and easy activity. This activity uses real world data and easy to understand imagery.

Right Triangles and Trigonometry Graphic Organizer/Reference Sheets FREEBIE!!!! from Secondary Math Shop on Teachers Pay Teachers
Grade 12 Resources
Right Triangles and Trigonometry Graphic Organizer/Reference Sheets FREEBIE!!!!

This product contains a two page teacher reference and a two page student fill-in version covering the main formulas from a Right Triangles and Trigonometry Unit in a Geometry “B” or Trigonometry course. Perfect for start of a unit, study guides, projecting to illustrate ideas, using in stations, to review for a final exam, standardized test or just to have on hand to supplement your units!

I have included:
1) The Pythagorean Theorem and Its Converse
2) Pythagorean Triples
3) 45-45-90 and 30-60-90 Right Triangles
4) Sin-Cos-Tan
5) The Laws of Sines and Cosines

Right Triangles – Sin Cos Tan Quick Review Freebie! from Secondary Math Shop on Teachers Pay Teachers
Grade 12 Resources
Sin Cos Tan Quick Review Freebie!

This is a quick review of the ideas of Sin Cos and Tan. It is meant to be a review of the ideas. It includes:

an overview of Soh-Cah-Toa,
a diagram of a right triangle labled with the opposite, adjacent and hypotenuse,
the ratios listed out
hypotenuse, adjacent and opposite defined
4 examples completed worked out and the same problems for students follow along and copy down.

Great for a test review, a quick catch-up for an absent student, ACT/MME prep or as a part of an introduction to more complex trigonometric ideas.

Climate Change – Jack Cone and Bill Burton from Bill Burton on Teachers Pay Teachers
Grade 12 Resources
This is a funny look at what climate change will do to our geography if we don’t start reducing our carbon output. Go to
Global Climate Change – World wide disaster or Family values?
We at the Institute for Right Brain Manipulation can prove that climate change is not an impending apocalypse but a chance for you and your off spring to have real family fun

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Tiered Assignments from Barraug Books and Curriculum on Teachers Pay Teachers
Grade 12 Resources
What would it be like to live backward through time?

This F. Scott Fitzgerald short story can be brought into your classroom with a complete activity packet that contains the formatted story, an overview of the parts of a short story, 10 reading tiered activities, 15 reading comprehension questions, and 8 writing tiered activities with differentiated levels of difficulty appealing to different learning styles for guided reading. Perfect for substitute plans, Modernism or Common Core lesson planning.

The Progressive Era Quick Quiz – US History STAAR prep from History and More Store on Teachers Pay Teachers
Grade 12 Resources
This is a sample of the quality and content of my quizzes. Many questions use primary sources and skills practice such as: political cartoons, photographs, excerpts, diagrams and maps.




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