Freebie Friday ~ Free Art Resources

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Free Art Resources

Fifi is a budding little artist and i’m forever looking for free art resources to keep her occupied. Below are a few free online tutorials I have stumbled across over the years.

Ted Harrison Art and More! from Whimsy Workshop Teaching
Free Art Resources
We studied the art of Ted Harrison, who painted in the north of Canada. His colorful but simple images are perfect for elementary students.

Free Printable: Faith Ringgold Inspired Quilt Template from Art is Basic
Free Art Resources
Many art teachers have taught about the artist Faith Ringgold and had their students create paper quilts. I have a free printable for you that will make this lesson easier. My daughter did something similar at her school in her classroom. That’s where I got the idea to use a printed template to make it easier for the students.

Free Art Tutorials from Mindful Art Studio
Free Art Resources
Free art tutorials are a great way to increase your skills on your own time and on a budget. I have lots of resources for art journaling and mixed media techniques. These are techniques for using art for self-expression and relaxation, not art therapy.

FREE Yayoi Kusama Artist Study and Book List from Homeschool Giveaways & Freebies
Free Art Resources
Are you familiar with the art of Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama? Kusama’s artwork is so fun to introduce to kids because it is so colorful, playful, and meaningful. Dig into one of the illustrated children’s books about Kusama and her life. The books on this list are an easy, no prep way to introduce a little art history into your home school day. No prior knowledge is needed. Cuddle, read, and learn about Kusama together!

*Op Art Shaded Shapes from Kinder Art
Free Art Resources
Students learn about “Op Art” and then create a picture (optical illusions) that can play tricks with the eyes.

When something plays tricks on your eyes it is called an Optical Illusion. Op Art is artwork that plays tricks on our eyes.

Artist M.C. Escher is famous for having created lots of different kinds of Op Art.

FREE Art Ice Breaker First Day of School from MamasakiArt on Teachers Pay Teachers
Free Art Resources
Have FUN on the first day of art! Use this icebreaker activity to help your students get to know each other.

Two game options are included.

You Get:

Two Game Boards (One ROLL and one SPIN)
Two Make Your Own Die Templates
Two Color Wheel Spinner Printables
Instructions on How to Make a Spinner
* This product is not editable

Free Art Lesson Projects for 1st Through 5th Graders!
from How to Homeschool for Free
Free Art Resources
Do you need a simple yet affective art curriculum for your 1st through 5th grader? If so, go here to check out a FREE Art Curriculum for 1st – 5th graders. This fun art curriculum from Art Tango will have your students creating self portraits, Native American Weaving mats, Leaf Art, Collages, Silhouettes, and much more. On Art Tango you will find 30 art lessons for 1st – 5th graders, a supply list for each grade, and a vocabulary list of art terms and definitions. There are also links to YouTube videos which include drawing lessons.

Art Tutorials from Art by Ro
Free Art Resources
There are many different fun art tutorials on this site.

Sketchbook Ideas and Printables for the Technology Lover from Kitchen Table Classroom
Free Art Resources
There is no avoiding technology these days. Instead, let’s embrace it. Use these fun (& free) sketch book ideas to encourage your kids to think about technology in a conscious and creative way!

These printable sketchbook ideas are perfect as conversation starters, early finishers, or brainstorming for projects to come. Keep a stack on hand for whenever you need them!

Seahorse Art Project for Kids from The Crafty Classroom
Free Art Resources
These beautiful seahorses are adapted from an amazing torn paper collage I found at Torn Paper Paintings by Wanda Edwards. I thought it might be fun to recreate this seahorse in a way that children could color and cut with ease so I drew a template based on this seahorse and decided to color it with bleeding tissue paper instead. It’s not as stunning as Ms. Edwards torn paper art, but I think your children will be amazed at the work they can do, and this technique might inspire them to start making their own shapes from paper as well.




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