Product Review: Beyond Potential – The Goofy Gosling Pack

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Beyond Potential

I purchased the “Goofy Gosling Pack” pack from Beyond Potential in December last year to use with Koko and Fifi’s, and eventually Pixie’s, lessons. This is a great pack to use for their “group” work.

The kidlets LOVE the story book, I’ve read it over and over to them and still they ask for it every morning when I pull out the activity book. This particular set is for ages 2 – 5 years.

This is what’s included in this set:
Story Book: The Goofy Gosling
Animals’ Activity Book: The Goofy Gosling
Little Book of Inspiration: The Goofy Gosling
Animal Snap Playing Cards (with ideas on how to use them)

There are a total of 22 activities in this book, enough to keep you and your child occupied for an entire month! Here are two of the activities that are in the book.

Clay Animals

We spent an entire afternoon outside making the animals. The kidlets loved it 🙂 They asked me to make them each an elephant. Momma made some examples for them to try and copy.

Koko’s creations:
IMG20130109064_zpsd7c4376a photo IMG20130109064_zpsd7c4376a.jpg
Elephants (made by me, he made the face) and himself (the hunter, LOL)

Fifi’s Creations:
IMG20130109060_zps45edcdfe photo IMG20130109060_zps45edcdfe.jpg
Elephants (made by me, she made the face) and a cat

Finger Puppets

The kidlets loved this activity. Fifi was sick this day, but insisted that she also wanted to make her own puppets. Koko made his all by himself (I cut out the animals for him) and I did all the cutting and stapling for Fifi. She decided that her animals had to be stuck (stapled) onto recycled toilet paper rolls.

Colouring in their animals
IMG201301151006_zps785f896b photo IMG201301151006_zps785f896b.jpg

Koko with his finger puppets. He was struggling to hold them all, hence his silly face.
IMG201301151009_zpsec0f4d52 photo IMG201301151009_zpsec0f4d52.jpg

Fifi and her puppets. Poor little girl was so sick and still managed to smile for the camera.
IMG201301151010_zpsdca58dff photo IMG201301151010_zpsdca58dff.jpg

Animal snap cards
Koko and Fifi loves the Animal Snap Cards. They have matched them in our
pocket chart numerous times throughout the last few weeks.
IMG20130110002_zpsf78ff4ef photo IMG20130110002_zpsf78ff4ef.jpg

This general description of their products was taken from the Beyond Potential site:

The BP products can either be bought as PACKS or as individual products. The packs contain the following:

A Story Book:
Brightly illustrated with colourful pictures, and a section of enrichment at the back for discovery and discussion. Each Story book is based on a theme and focuses on values.
BP Stories are the ideal way to:
Encourage children to read
Enrich their education
Stimulate discussion
Develop thinking skills
Acquire knowledge and
Internalize values.
The Enrichment section at the back helps to get the most educational and parenting benefit from the story.

BP Activity Book:
Packed full of fun and educational activities, a craft to enjoy together, games to play and puzzles to solve.
The BP Activity Books provide opportunities to:
Practise fine and gross motor skills.
Enjoy problem-solving, creativity & hands-on fun!
Provide a challenge so that children’s abilities are extended
Creative Crafts are designed by educators, with the purpose of:
Practising skills
Encouraging creativity & hands-on fun!
Introducing children to hobbies that could last a lifetime

An Information booklet:
Containing inspiration, parenting tips, educational articles and much more!
The BP Information booklet contains:
Parenting and educational articles that are researched, written and compiled by a team of experts in various educational fields. They include information about Perceptual, Social, Cognitive, Physical and Emotional Development, as well as the Child’s Environment.
Inspiration and information, including a collection of quotes, poems and motivational writing designed to inspire parents, hints and tips about parenting, and information on various issues that parents of the 21st century may need to deal with.

An Educational game for the little ones to enjoy!
Educational games have been designed by teachers and psychologists.
Every game is fun and captivating, helping to develop mental and physical kills and to reinforce values.
There are board and card games, puzzles, & outdoor games. All encourage curiosity, creativity and imaginative play.
Social skills are developed and concepts of fairness, co-operation and sharing are explored, while thinking and problem-solving skills are practiced.


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