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“What assessments do your children do?” “How do you know that your child is on par with his peers?” These are questions we get a lot as homeschoolers.

We personally use online schooling for our children now. We use CTCMath and Khan Academy for English and Science. These platforms assess the children as they go. The rest of the subjects we follow the children’s interests. There are tons of free resources online to pull worksheets from, thankfully.

Below are some free assessments you can use to track your child’s progress.

Fry Word Tracking for Students from The Curriculum Corner
These free progress monitoring pages for Fry word tracking are designed to help you track student sight word progress in your classroom.

Pre-K Assessment Forms from PreKinders
Alphabet Assessment
You can either mark through the letters the children know with a highlighter or make a checkmark beside the letters with a pen. Use a different color highlighter or different color pen for each semester’s assessment. You can use this one sheet for a child for the whole year, and show a comparison of their progress with the different colors.

Math Assessment
Use the colored highlighters or pens mentioned above on this sheet also. For the color assessment, show children pieces of construction paper. I cut them into squares about 4 inches and staple them into a flip book. For the counting assessment, I have children count Unifix cubes.

Free Printable Preschool Assessment & Goals Workbook!! from One Beautiful Home Blog
What you will get when you download the workbook:
Cover Page
All About Me
Uppercase Letters & Shapes
Lowercase Letters
Number recognition 1-20
Counting 1-10 (3 pages total)
Same / Different
Goals (2 Pages)

7 Free Assessment Resources for Pre-K to 1st Grade from While He Was Napping
I used resources dealing with k-2nd grade and preschool. There were lots. But these are the best ones I found. And they are free. You gotta love free!

1st Grade Common Core Math Assessments- FREEBIE from Tiny Teaching Shack on Teachers Pay Teachers
This is a sample packet of the big bundle of 1st grade common core math assessments. Your feedback will be very appreciated 🙂 Thank you!

It includes one assessment from each 1st grade common core math standard:

1. Operations & Algebraic Thinking (OA)
2. Number & Operations in Base Ten (NBT)
3. Measurement & Data (MD)
4. Geometry (G)

Dolch Sight Word Assessment and Progress Monitoring Materials from Make Take Teach on Teachers Pay Teachers
Assess your student’s knowledge of the Dolch 220 sight words with the Make, Take & Teach sight word assessment. Assessment materials, directions for administration, student recording forms and progress monitoring graphs are included. This assessment correlates with all Make, Take & Teach sight word instructional materials. Knowing which words your student(s) already knows allows you to differentiate your instruction.

FREE Math Problem Solving Assessment Pack from Laura Candler on Teachers Pay Teachers
The free Problem Solving Assessment Pack includes two tests, a pretest and a posttest, which were designed to help you assess your students’ math problem-solving abilities. The pretest data will enable you to determine where to begin with your problem-solving instruction; the posttest data will help you track their progress later. A unique feature of this test is that it requires students to draw pictures to show how they are solving the problems. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn from those pictures! Administering this test will also help you differentiate instruction after you analyze the results.

FREE Progress Monitoring for IEPs and RTI | Data Rings for Special Ed from Mrs Ds Corner on Teachers Pay Teachers
Simplify your data collection and effectively save yourself time with this progress monitoring freebie.

What is included?
• editable 3″x5″ card size
• editable 3″x5″ cover for confidentiality
• editable 4″x6″ card size
• editable 4″x6″ cover for confidentiality

FREE Informational Text Structures Assessment | Google Classroom from Teaching With a Mountain View on Teachers Pay Teachers
Enjoy this FREE 3 page Informational Text Structures Assessment. This assessment was designed to accompany my Informational Text Structure Task Cards and includes examples of each type of non-fiction text structure. They also have accompanying questions that require students to read, comprehend, and provide proof of the correct text structure.

This resource also includes access to a DIGITAL version!

Answer Key Included

Multiple Intelligences Survey for Kids (Free) from Laura Candler on Teachers Pay Teachers
Learning about multiple intelligence theory can be very empowering for students, especially when you administer a survey to help them discover their own strengths and growth areas. Because most online survey tools are too long and complex for kids, I created this quick and easy classroom version for my students. I included an example of a completed survey on page 4 so you can see how it works.

How to Use this Survey to Foster a Growth Mindset

Before you use this survey, please watch my free MI Survey for Kids Video to find out how to administer it and score it. In the video, I also explain how to use the survey to foster a growth mindset in your students.




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Assessing my homeschooled children

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Assessing my homeschooled children

Assessing my homeschooled children

How do you assess your homeschooled children?
This is one of the questions I am often asked. How do you know your children are up to par with their Public/Private schooled peers. This is honestly one of the harder questions, I have found, to answer. Every family is different. Most homeschooling families I know, don’t believe in standardised testing and couldn’t point me in the right direction.

Upon many late nights staying up and researching how to assess the children’s education, I decided that my best course of action would be to have the kidlets do the Annual National Assessments (ANA), set up by the South African Department of Education.

Last week Koko completed the Grade three assessments and Fifi did the Grade one assessments for English and Mathematics. They did well considering we are following the Cambridge International curriculum.
Assessing my homeschooled children
There are a few things I picked up from the assessments that we need to work on. One aspect of the CAPS mathematics curriculum hasn’t been covered yet in the Cambridge International Grade 3 curriculum and, after going through the books we are currently working on, will be covered over the next few months. Koko also seems to forget how to do his multiplication tables, so we’ll be working harder on those from now on.

Fifi is doing remarkable well and I’m very happy with her progress. She is a perfectionist, so she tends to take longer than necessary on her work for the day. This may become a problem when she is older and her workload increases, but we are working on helping her work through that little issue and she is getting better.

They both seem to rush through reading questions and most of the incorrect answers were purely from not reading the whole question and as a result not understanding what is expected of them.

All in all, I’m very happy with their progress so far and aim to continue doing these assessments with them twice a year for the foreseeable future.




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Learning Styles Quizzes

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I had Noo complete two tests to discover what his learning style is. I really wasn’t surprised by the outcome.

Learning Styles Quiz
Auditory: 40%
Visual: 20%
Tactile: 40%

Discover your Learning Styles – Graphically!
Visual: 12%
Social: 12%
Physical: 13%
Aural: 12%
Verbal: 13%
Solitary: 8%
Logical: 9%

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