Freebie Friday: Witches and Wizards Resources

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Witches and Wizards

Witches and Wizards Resources

Wizard Printable Packs from Royal Baloo
Witches and Wizards
Included in the packs:

Which is Different?, Size Sorting, Patterning Cards, Finish the Pattern, 1-10 Puzzle, Shadow Matching, 4 Piece Puzzles, Count and Clip Cards, All About 6, Roll and Graph, Sort Wizards and Wizards Tools, Follow the Numbers 1-20, Color-By-Number, Count the Animals, Tracing, Cutting Strips, Cutting Practice, Trace the Shapes, Color the Wizards Coat, Dot Markers, Color By Size, 3-part-cards, Dot Marker Letters, W is for Wizard, O is for Owl, C is for Cat, Uppercase Lowercase Letter Puzzles, Color by Letter, Wall Cards

Read and Write the Room, Circle the Beginning Sound, Word Matching, Wizard Word Search, Montessori Matching, Fill in the ABCs, Write a story, word family matching, Following Directions, Graphing, Add and Clip Cards, Subtract and Clip Cards, SuDoKu, Word problems, Fill in the Missing Numbers, Counting Backwards, How many ways can you make 10?, What Time is It?, Sort the Potions to the Correct Cauldron with Addition, Sort the Brooms to the Correct Wizard with Subtraction, Skip Counting by 10 Puzzle, How many Wizards, Number Line, Potion Fractions, Even & Odd Sorting, Measuring, Count and Write the Numbers, Ski Counting by 5 o 50, Color in your Own Pattern

Harry Potter Origami Sorting Hat: Free Printable from Get Away Today
Witches and Wizards
One of my favorite scenes from the Harry Potter books is when Harry gets sorted into his Hogwarts House by the Sorting Hat. You can feel Harry’s extreme relief when he gets placed into Gryffindor! Anything but Slytherin right?! Have you ever wondered what house you belong to? Now, you can find out with this Harry Potter Origami Sorting Hat game! Just like the real Sorting Hat, the results are never wrong. Well, almost never.

Free Printable Harry Potter Quotes from The Cottage Market
Witches and Wizards
The best thing is these are great all year round for all of you Harry Potter Fans and there are MANY of you! Each of these quotes has been designed here at The Cottage Market and we are sharing them with you!

Free Printable 2017 Watercolor Harry Potter Calendar from The Cottage Market
Witches and Wizards
I know that there are so many Harry fans out there and you are going to love this for sure! It has all your favorites from Harry, Ron, Hermine, Snape, Hagrid and more! We have the entire Calendar File for you on a Zip File and then we have individual links for each month…just click…”save as” and print off when you need them. I have a feeling that this Calendar is going to bring a smile to your face each time you check a date. So come on in and snatch up your Free Printable Harry Potter Calendar and ENJOY!

Mega Harry Potter Word Find from Deviant Art
Witches and Wizards
It’s got 180 words i think. and once you find all the words there is a hidden book quote revealed when you add together all the remaining letters.

Harry Potter Educational Decrees {free printables} from Paper Trail Design
Witches and Wizards
A year ago I co-hosted a huge Harry Potter dinner party and one of the things we used for decor were these Harry Potter Educational Decrees. I spent hours and hours searching for images of Harry Potter Proclamation printables and other Harry Potter party printables for our party decor. It took way longer than it should have to track down all of these to print. To make your party planning a little easier I created seven of these posters from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (book 5, although most of these are from the movie).

To Hogwarts We Will Go! Harry Potter Inspired Printable Treat Boxes from Little Luxuries Loft
Witches and Wizards
So I’m still waiting for my owl letter…but I’m totally packaged and ready to go to Hogwarts when it comes. You with me? awesome. In the meantime, we muggles can still make a little magic of our own, with some paper and a little imagination 🙂 These little DIY treat boxes are perfect for that Harry Potter party I know you’ve been dying to have. Or just as a sweet gift for a muggle friend in need of some cheering up. You’ll also be happy to hear I’ve designed these boxes to be super simple to assemble so there will be no need to slave away like a house elf!

Witches and Wizards Teaching Resources from Sparklebox
Witches and Wizards
This is probably my favourite site to go to for themed freebies. There are many different themed resources here. Go have a look, you won’t be disappointed.




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